Getting ready to order 2011 AWD Express Passenger

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by jampg, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. jampg

    jampg New Member

    Well.... After ten years I'm taking the plunge again. I stopped at the dealer and got the price and delivery estimate for a 2011 AWD 1500 Express Passenger.
    Color will be Black and pretty well loaded up. I’m thinking of adding the bug shield and mud deflectors as long as they fit well and look good. The locking differential is 325 dollars. 17 inch aluminum wheels are 400 dollars. Blackwalls are the only tire available so I may need to get new rubber.
    No change in body style for 2011. Total price has not moved much although some options and prices have varied a bit. I am going to try the sliding door this time due to the cargo hinge issues.
    MSRP price is 37,275.00 (2011 price should be within 400.00 according to salesman) Current interest rate is around 4 percent. I will go with the five year.
    Delivery time is 8 weeks. Current incentives are 3,000.00(this changes every first of the month)
    I am selling my 2000 Express for 4,750 to a co worker. I will probably order within the next week. I hope all goes well.
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  2. harryn

    harryn New Member

    They seem like a nice setup. I am looking as well, but still debating on buying it factory trimmed out vs diy interior work. In reality, I probably should have the factory do it, as it would look nicer.
  3. jampg

    jampg New Member

    I suppose that would depend on what you need back there as well as your time, cost and facilities to do the work.
    This is my only vehicle so it is pretty much road travel only. I remove the rear bench seat for extra cargo space and still have one for passengers. Seems to work well for me. I would like to see some integrated tie down rings installed in the floor so when hauling heavy stuff like a marine engine I can secure it. I have been restoring a wood boat for the last 11 years and we have had everything in the back at one time or another including 14 ft 8/4 mahogany boards. I like the fact your can remove the bench seats when you have to.
    I’m looking forward to the AWD. We launch a 16 foot boat at a sand ramp where this will be ideal. My two wheel drive has yet to get stuck thanks to the locking differential. My brother has a 2003 AWD Express and acts like its on cement.
    I did change to color to Victory Red. Pick up date is 12/1.

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