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    A childhood friend of mine is a professional photographer for the Oregonian newspaper. He was hired by Major League Baseball to do the gigpan photos of the most of the playoff games, he and one of his colleagues are splitting the time at the different games.
    Anyhow, this is the game where the Texas Rangers finally fully imploded. my son and I are sitting behind the Rangers first base dugout 32 rows back. This stuff is mind numbing, you can pan and zoom in as far as you want I all the way up to peoples faces all the way through the entire stadium, and then tag yourself on Facebook.
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    Very cool......
  3. PantheraUncia

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    The gigapan stuff is pretty cool. You can buy their tripod head starting at $599 up to $1999. I thought about picking one up, for my camera, but unless someone was going to pay me for my photography, it was not worth the investment...... Another toy :) for $2000.
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    Thats pretty impressive. I bet you can find people doing things they dont want on camera.:lol:

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