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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by TRPLXL2, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. TRPLXL2

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    I have a set of Pro Comp 55 watt 6" driving beams, which I had bought for $29 at Summit Racing to fill the two holes in my bull bar when I first bought it. (Now I have the PIAA's) I never had them hooked up so I cut all the wiring off of them, but I rewired them today and they work like brand new. Here's a picture:

    Here is my first question, should I cut these 4" holes out of this painted fiberglass bumper into 6" holes to fit these lights? If so what would you cut it with to make sure it didn't crack or bust the fiberglass, I was going to buy the PIAA 510 series 4" light to go in there but I can't justify $279 for a 4" light when I paid $232 for the 6" version! Here is a picture:

    My second idea was to put the two Pro Comp lights BEHIND the main grille of my truck, I am just worried about the truck not getting enough cold air into the radiator because of the lights. This is the setup I have in there now, I don't really think that much of the light will be showing through it. What do you think?

    This is a picture when I bought the truck brand new, luckily I still have this grille in my garage wrapped in bubble wrap. Should I swap back to this grille and then mount up the Pro Comp lights behind it, I am thinking this setup would let the maximum amount of air into the radiator, plus let out more light from behind it. The fog lights in the bumper in this picture are the one's I took out because they filled up with water, I am leaning towards going back to the old grille and putting the lights behind it for a new/old look.

    One last thing, does anyone know where I can find the H3/H4 bulbs in yellow? I have found them in blue, purple, and super white but not yellow! Thanks for taking the time to go through all of this, any comments are appreciated good or bad..................AMY
  2. ct9a

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    Here's a place you can get the bulbs. I've done lots of business with this company in the past, and they are very reputable.

    My opinion is to put them in the bumper. Personally, I don't like anything that's going to obstruct the air flow through my radiator, and I just think you'll lose a lot of the lighting with the grill in front of the lights.

    If the bumper is fiber glass, I would use a Dremmel tool to widen the holes.
  3. Dr_Zero

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    I like them in the bumper better but that is just me.

    I would hit up the local body shops to see when they get a bumper in like that and see if they will let you have that lower part eve if it was just half then you could perfect your technique on make the new lights fit.
  4. tbplus10

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    First I think you should get a lawn chair and a six pack of your favorite frosty beverage and sit in front of the truck and do further in depth studies of this (hey it's saturday why think to hard).

    IMHO I like the grill that came on the truck, switch back.

    Buy a 6" hole saw and use it on a low speed to cut out the holes already there. It'll take a firm steady hand so the saw bites and doesnt slip any but you'll get a smoother hole. File the edges with emory cloth afterwards and use touch up paint.
  5. High Voltage

    High Voltage New Member

    I like the old billet grill also. I like the cross bar painted to the body color also instead of the chrome.

    For the lights, at least cut out a cardboard template that will match the size hole you want for the lights and hold it up. Seems like a lot of that light pocket will be cut away and it doesn't look like you can give up a whole inch on the bottom. It's just hard to tell from the pics.

    Great paint job on that truck and I really like the wheels. Do you take them off in the winter? If not, how do they do against the salt and snow?

    that's my $.02.
  6. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I have decided now what I am going to do, I am going to put the billet grille back in it and try and put the lights behind it. I will keep a close eye on the temperature gauges and tell you guys if it does have a big effect on it, If it is too drastic I will tke the lights out and leave the billet grille in.

    Here is something else I have thought about too, I ordered the H4 bulbs in yellow for my Pro Comp lights that ct9a gave me the website for. I just remembered that my PIAA lights with those bulbs have a transformer for every two lights, I wonder if the transformer is what makes the lights yellow or is it the actual bulb? I will be putting a PIAA bulb in a Pro Comp housing, I am curious but we will find out! :happy: I WILL KEEP YOU GUYS POSTED ON THE PROJECT IN HAND, WISH ME LUCK!
  7. Swatchvy

    Swatchvy Rockstar

    This might sound crazy to some, but what do you think about making holes in the grille and mounting the lights in the grille, not behind it. Like i said, some would call me crazy but it would be a cool look. Food for thought.:neutral:
  8. tlperry68

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    I like the PIAA's. I don't know if its the cover they come with but they look good. Yeah the price tag is up there but it aint my money now is it? Someone has to keep this economy running and it looks like you are doing a good job at it. I dont think you need lights behind the grille. Because I tow my toys I wouldn't want to restrict the avalaible air flow, if you're not towing it really doesn't matter.
    Good luck.
  9. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I don't think I could cut either of my grilles, I don't want to cut the billet grille because it is the one that came with it. And the chrome grille is plastic and very brittle, I think the chrome plating would pop right off and then I would end up with a piece of junk. I have seen those grilles that have the light openings in them already, but if I bought another grille my parents would kick my a&^!

    I love the look of the PIAA's too, but honestly my old KC Daylighters were way brighter I think. I was a little dissappointed at how these PIAA's light up, but they are off more than they are on! :lol: I don't tow anything with this truck, that is why my dad bought his 2500HD to take the brunt of the work. Thanks for the additional help guys, and I am willing to do this trial and error even if it means taking the lights back out. I have nothing but time on my hands now, we shall see.:happy:
  10. lvz2ryd

    lvz2ryd Rockstar

    here i designed this light scheme, like it . I was just messing around. imagine the lights behind the grille!!!


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