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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by ChevyFan, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. ChevyFan

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    I have a very negative opinion of Glass Doctor of North Texas and I want to rant about them. Please indulge me.

    I called them and they came out to fix a broken window (vandalism) in my house first part of this year. I said I want the window fixed and repaired like it was before. They looked at it, quoted a price for replacement glass and went on their way. What they didn't tell me there was some frame damage to the window. I'm not a window and glass expert, so I took their word that they could make it like new. (This is my first point of conention - they're the experts, they should have told me that there could be frame damage)

    When they came out to replace the glass after I told them to complete the repairs, the tech had a very hard time getting it to fix properly, this is due to the bent frame. He even had to get a blowtorch to heat up the metal around it and try to bend it back into shape. It was a very poor and sloppy job. I knew instantly when I got home that something was dreadfully wrong.

    First, they put a cheap piece of glass in that wasn't even the same thickness as what was broken (it's 20% thinner - they probably tried to pull a fast one.) I can hear traffic outside when it was whisper quiet before.

    Next, because the frame is bent, the window doesn't raise and lower properly. This is not entirely their fault, it's mostly becuase of the vandalism. However, I think the fact that the upper window is much skinnier, the window doesn't fit into the tracks properly so it causes extra problems with it being raised and lowered. Again, I also think they should have told me about this before they started.

    Their customer service rep said no problem, they would give me a refund. I said great. However, the owner got involved and said he would only give a partial refund. I couldn't figure that one out. So, I contated the BBB and tried to work out a compromise. Looks like it stalled and nothing further came from it.

    Come now a few months later when I am willing to just put it behind me ... NO REFUND and NO NEW WINDOW. I am stuck with a window that is not even what I ordered and he even recinded his partial refund that he offered. Now to get it fixed, I'm stuck with a substandard window that isn't installed properly.

    BAD BAD BAD service. I will never use Glass Doctor of North Texas again.

    They have a new website:
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    Glass Doctor of Dallas and Collin County

    Just to update on my rant, I know this was taking some time, but the last time I called Glass Doctor of North Texas they had lost my replacement window and would not order me a new one. So I'm stuck with paying for a window that was not up to spec (I had a 3/4" window and they put in about a 3/8" window - there is a noticable difference). They said they would refund the cost of the window, but not the labor. Now they have changed their mind on that as well.

    Anyhow, that's all I can say about that. Wish it would have turned out differently.:grrrrrr:
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    Take their lazy asses to court or go bust out their windows. Either way you'll get justice and probably the judicial system.

    Seriously, take them to court, as you'll get your money back. Why haven't you done this yet?
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    I'm still ticket at Glass Doctor. I'll get the window replaced someday. :)
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    I like to bump this thread every now and again. :) They owe me a new window, in my opinion.

    It looks like they now are calling themselves "Glass Doctor of Dallas and Collin County" but still owned by Larry Patterson. I'm not bitter about all of this, just sad that they never would own up to their mistake and take care of it ... but they tout themselves on their website as having excellent customer service. hah, that's laughable.
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    Hey Steve;

    If he is a franchisee, then contact the franchisor with your story and he will not get any more awards! I know that the franchisors absolutely HATE when they get bad reviews due to one of their licensee's bad service. Revnge is sweet but it could take even more time before you put this behind you.
  8. ChevyFan

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    Yeah, I had let this go but I actually came across an ad agency that did work on their stuff and they were congratulated for being in business for 10-years.

    It's really not all that much money, I can't even remember but the whole thing was just a couple hundred $$'s, but that was back when I had a massive pile of medical and other debt that I was paying on. It just sucked that first we got vandalized (along with a bunch of other houses) at midnight probably by some punk kids who were out on school break, then we got screwed over by this company when they installed cheap glass that was not as thick as the glass that was in there to begin with ...

    Argh, at least this thread has been viewed over 2,000 times on here, so maybe 2.5% of those people decided not to do business with them because of this. If that were the case, then this would mean that they lost about 50 jobs from people reading my opinion of their business practices.

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