Glue for Weatherstripping?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Crawdaddy, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Hey all,

    Well, I got fed up with wind noise from my front door's weatherstripping, so I decided to buy new weatherstripping. This is the factory stuff including the body channel that the factory stuff slips over. I bought it from LMC Truck, and when it came in, of course they included a catalog with it. When I turned to the page where the weatherstripping is, I noticed a listing for "Super Weatherstrip Adhesive". Do I need adhesive to install my new weatherstripping? I want it to stay rock solid in place, and not sag like other old weatherstrippings have in other vehicles I've seen. Any wisdom is GREATLY appreciated, and I'm weatherstripping dumb.

    Also, is there any special methodology to replacing the weatherstripping?
  2. Paul M

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    Hey Crawdaddy. You need to use either contact cement(DAP Weldwood is good) or 3M weatherstrip adhesive. Read and understand the instructions for whatever product you decide to use. Make sure the surfaces are clean and dry. Please realize that you only get one chance with these products. Your placement needs to be where you want it to be.
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    3M weatherstrip adhesive aka: Gorilla Snot!:lol:

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