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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by ParisDude, Sep 28, 2009.

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    I now have about a thousand miles on my 1988 Silverado with the Chevy 350HO crate engine from GM. It came in the short form without intake carb, ignition, etc. I added an Edelbrock Street Eliminator dual plane, Air Gap intake, Holley 4150 650CFM carb, Moroso 6 quart oil pan, Edelbrock aluminum water pump, MSD ignition and Ceramic coated shorty headers among some of the accessories. It is an awesome engine with so much torque it's hard to describe. I am very unhappy with my Holley carb...having trouble getting it to accellerate properly from a dead stop. It spits if you give it more than just a little throttle from a dead stop. Maybe I can work it out. But...after the spit, look out...this thing pulls like a freight train. I wish I could take it to the strip.

    Car Craft did a dyno test on this engine configured basically the way mine's set up and got 377HP. You can read the article at

    Except for the carb problem, I am extremely pleased with this engine. At less than $3,000 you can't beat this 4 bolt main Chevy small block with Vortec heads! Awesome!!!

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    That's a good looking install. Hard to go wrong with a crate GM engine.
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    Thats a beautiful/sweet set up. I know a lot of guys that hate Holley carbs. Look into a Edelbrock Endurashine 650, those things look sweet.
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    thats a very nice looking setup. sorry to hear about the carb. the edelbrock might work well with some of the other edelbrock stuff.

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