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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Farmerdave, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Farmerdave

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    So I get a recall in the mail and its for the heated windshield washer fluid stating that they need to remove it due to fire hazard. Ok so this morning I drop it off at the dealer and also tell them that the electric sliding rear window has broken and no longer works and that their is a 1/4 inch of play in the steering wheel. They then call me an hour later and tell me that the bearing in the column is bad and it will cost 1295 to fix and that the sliding window regulator is bad and that will cost 385 dollars. So for $1600 bucks we can fix it. So now I am pissed off and call GM directly and they opened a case which I will be hearing back from them within 24 business hours. This really mad me mad. So I am now waiting to see what the final decision is from GM.
  2. ChevyFan

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    How many miles on your 07? You're the original owner? Ever been wrecked?

    I had a different truck for a couple of years and I had an annoying bumper-to-bumper wreck. Three years later the steering rack went out, fully stripped out. The root cause was the wreck.
  3. Farmerdave

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    I am the second owner. 50188 miles when i dropped it off at the dealer. It has never been in a wreck not even bumping into something.
  4. GMGUY

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    A worn bearing in the steering column will not cause steering wheel play, it will manifest itself as an annoying clunk, similar to that of a noisey intermediate steering shaft.
  5. Megasaurus

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    I'm pretty sure I agree with this statement. In my experience, excessive movement in the steering wheel either comes from something like loose tie-rods, some type of damage to one of the steering control arms (pitman or idler) like a worn ball joint, or something wrong in the steering box itself.

    We're talking about 1/4" of play? That's rotational play, not up and down play?
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  6. silveradotrailblazer

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    If GM won't fix I know you can get it repaired cheaper. Also if they don't fix it than I would let them know you will post your displeasure on the biggest GMtruck forum.
  7. Farmerdave

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    Silveradotrailblazer that is what I thought haha. As for the other guys its in and out play such as grabbing the steering wheel at 12 and 6 and pulling back and forth. It has nothing to do with the actual box or rack and pinion. It is within the column itself. I am waiting to hear back they said 24 business hours so who knows it could be next Tuesday before I hear.
  8. murdog94

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    Good luck dealing with GM... ANd let us know, because $1300 to repair a bearing in the steering column is stupid. You could probably buy a replacement and do the work yourself.
  9. Farmerdave

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    Well they called today and told me their was nothing they could do. I then politely told her that was complete bull ****. I told her that my entire family and extended family all drive GM products which will now be changing to Ford since one time we actually need/want GM to guarantee a vehicle and fix this ridiculous problem for a 07 with 50k on it. She then told me that it was because I was the second owner of the vehicle. I then replied what does that matter? She said because he could have been abusive to it. I asked how can you be abusive to a damn steering wheel? She then told me that the dealer had put forth a good faith effort dealing with me and my brake issue. I said hows that I paid for them to turn the rotors? And then found out that the terrible squeaking noise coming from the front brakes was because the technician put the wrong brake pads back on my truck? I said so the dealer giving a good faith effort is me paying for their services and them fixing their mistake? Is that a good faith effort now days? I then asked her who was screwing me because I talked to the dealerships parts man and he told me that it was a 50 dollar plastic bearing for the column and they never replace the columns just rebuild them. So I then asked her how does a 50 dollar bearing turn into a 1250 dollar new column? I think you or the dealership is trying to rip me off. She then told me that she reviewed the case and their wasn't any warranty other than the drive train left which does not cover the steering. I said well thanks for all your help I can see you worked extremely hard on this case since it took you 2 weeks to tell me the GM service department is useless. I then told her to have a nice day and I hope she starts helping out GM owners before their are none anymore.

    So to say the least I was a little ticked off. Just figured I would give you guys an update.
  10. ajarman

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    Holy Cow FarmerDave! I am sorry to hear about your troubles at the dealership. If I were you I would call GM dirict. I worked at a GM deralership for 4 years and was offered a different job in the city and moved and the first time I needed work done I relized how piss poor a dealership can really be. I was trying to get the stearing box replaced in my '07 classic and with only 28k miles the dealership would not replace under warranty although my old dealership had already replaced it once. 1 phone call to GM and they set up an appointment with a different dealership within a weeks time and I have been getting my service from them ever sence. It is like once you call GM they put it in their system and kiss your ass everytime they see you. Good luck and I would say call GM.

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