GM Canada parts 12 month warranty versus U.S. lifetime warranty

Discussion in 'North America - Canada' started by CWF, May 9, 2007.

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    I had the battery and alternator replaced 09/2007 here in northern Canada and while driving in southern California earlier this month I had to have both replaced again after both failed (while waiting in line at the border to enter the U.S. from Mexico... after two jumpstarts I hooked my tow rope to the front of my 2001 Suburban and a new Ford Excursion appeared eagerly to the rescue). So I get yanked across the border, have to push the truck through secondary to get to where the tow truck can access it, and end up at a nearby Chevy dealer. Two days, a rental car, and several hundred dollars later, the new battery and alternator are installed but only the GM Canada battery is warrantied beyond 12 months. The U.S. alternator carries a lifetime warranty for the part (and lifetime on the labor by the dealer, not sure if this applies at every GM dealer in the U.S.).

    Unfortunately there isn't a GM dealer across the border from me in Alaska otherwise I'd be getting parts and service there, where many of the parts carry a lifetime warranty. But with most of Canada's population living a short distance from the U.S. border, why wouldn't we choose to have our vehicles serviced there rather than in Canada? Especially with the dollars nearing parity?

    I contacted GM Canada about the issue but I don't expect much in response. Besides this forum, perhaps Consumer Reports should be notified?
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    GM Canada replied with this:
    "The implementation and application of a part's warranty has set parameters for vehicles sold in the United States and Canada. We wish to clarify that General Motors in the United States operates differently than Canada and has complete jurisdiction in all matters related to sales, service and general operating policies and procedures for the U.S. market.

    We understand your disappointment in this matter, however the warranty for parts replaced for this vehicle (originally sold in the United States), would not be applicable in Canada."

    I don't think they understood my question. Yes, the truck was originally purchased in the U.S. and later purchased by me while living in the U.S., but my issue is with the meager 12 month duration of the warranty on the alternator that I had installed in Canada. GM in the U.S. appears to have a greater commitment to quality and customer service than GM Canada does. If the Canadian unit had carried a lifetime warranty, the dealership in the U.S. where I had to have it replaced would have honoured the warranty. Do you think a dealership in Canada would honour the lifetime warranty if the opposite had occurred? An American's Chevy had broken down while in Canada? I doubt it.

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