GM car and truck VIN decoder cards

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by unplugged, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Great info. Thanks
  3. Johan King

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    There is no indication that GM is "about to go bankrupt" and even if they did, some analysts say that might be better than a taxpayer funded loan. Seeā€¦

    Regardless of what happens, you aren't going to find GM giving away cars.
  4. grrr...

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    Good stuff, thanks for the post.
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    sweet! very usefull when getting parts!
  7. stephan

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    You da man!! You can be my new GM representative. I have been trying to get GM Corporate to tell me if they had that sort of parts site for 2 weeks now. They keep shooting me through the grease with their emails blah blah blah and never did give me the link or even admit that there was such a place online. Thanks!!
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    Thank you very much!
  9. browenb

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    This is kinda neat...

    From there site:

    'There are 8 2004 SIL 1500 EXT CAB STD BOX vehicles (0.001%) matching your exact options list. There are 20 (0.002%) with at least as many options.'

    Kind of neat to know there where only 7 others identical to mine, wonder how many are still 'trucking'.
  10. Aeropagus

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    Thanks for posting this VIN decoder information.
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    Thanks that will help alot in the future
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    I think you can get complete VIN info on your GM car or truck from fielxo for truckers . It is very helpful.....Thanks...
  13. csltrains96

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    They didn't have the VIN number for my '89 in their database.
  14. stephan

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    Unfortunately they didn't have my '88 Silverado in their database either. I think they might only go back 20 years or maybe just 15 & then have to move the old ones out to make room for all the new vins coming out every year.
  15. camperspecial01

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    That link only goes back to 1980...LAME, they need to up date it with older years.
  16. kvaught

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    They didn't have my 2005 in there either. Oh well, nice tool anyway.
  17. ChevyFan

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    bump this thread, anyone else have any shortfalls?
  18. thoffman2000

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    Unfortunately, Comp Nine has closed its doors permanently. :(
  19. ChevyFan

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    That's too bad, there's another thread on here just about that, if you used to use that service share in that thread what you think about the loss to that service.
  20. chrissytaz

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    This was a BIG help! Thanks!

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