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  1. Curky

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    I wanted to start a thread of damaged and dead GM vehicles. Would like to see pictures and the story of the Truck, Car, SUV. (How did it happen? Story)

    I will start the first one.

    2008 Pontiac G6: 3 years ago
    I was on my way to work at 530am. Not yet really awake. A deer ran out in front of me like 15ft away. I was driving about 40mph. I reacted before any thought. I swerved to the right to miss the deer on a 2 lane road. So heading off road, BAMM! Who put that telephone pole there? I did miss the deer.
    Surprised off how many cars just drove passed me and never stop to see if I was ok. (At least 20) no joke. NOT ONE.

    I got taken to the local ER, were they thought I had a brain bleed. Then life flight to a Trauma ER. They said it was not a brain bleed. I had AVM, which could kill me at any time from an aneurysm. So, 4 brain surgeries’ in a year. I am all good. I cannot post pictures of the brain surgery (that Doc. took during surgery). They are not appropriate for this site. This deer saved my life is the way I look at it.

    My car damage was passed demo price. I took to a friend’s shop that cut some costs so my insurance would fix it. It was a lease and I would have been screwed if demoed. That is my story. Tim
    2010-03-20 10.03.29.jpg 2010-03-20 10.03.44.jpg 2010-03-20 10.04.03.jpg 2010-03-20 10.04.24.jpg 2010-03-20 10.04.42.jpg 2010-03-20 10.05.04.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    the story could of been longer but tried to keep it brief.
  2. barefoot greg

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    glad you're alright now!

    personally i wouldve justt hit the deer, about a month ago now i was coming home from a concert in canton (40 minute drive from my home) it was about 2am, goin prolly 60 on a back road with trees just off the pavement the whole way, just as we go by this random cemetary in the middle of nowhere a deer lept out in front of me, just like you said so close to the vehicle there wasnt even enough time to react. i just held the wheel stiff and let off the gas. And then WHOP!!

    got out to inspect the damage, lol.. the Bumper on my truck (N-fab RSP) has a steep angled skid plate thats all reinforced with steel tubing. The deer got pushed right to the ground and I went right over top of her. Other than the under carraige looking like i'd been mud bogging in blood and raw hamburger meat it was A-OK!!

    I grabbed the front legs and my hippie friend grabbed the rear, threw her in the bed and boogied for home! got back there, hung her up in the garage n got to cleanin, which was quite easy since my truck did most of the work for me!
    My buddy's the type that gets woozy at the sight of his own blood, lol. I'm trying to teach him how to do this and hes holdin the front legs up, head turned gagging lol. Got that finished, threw my doe tag on it, washed the blood off and went to bed.

    Woke up the next mornin thinking i had just had a really twisted ass dream, til i went out in the driveway and saw the **** still all over the undercarriage of my truck. lol

    The way I see it, had I swerved to miss the deer, I wouldve gone into all those trees or that cemetary which neither i wanted to do.
    And I got free Venison out of the deal!
  3. Curky

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    @barefoot greg - What you did, i would tell everyone to do.(JUST HIT IT) With my experience, I learned since I swerved My insurance covered for the damage of the car and property (the pole). Not my medical. Thanks to the Cleveland Clinic covering the 1 million+ price tag. I would of been screwed. This was not the place I got life flight too, They wanted 25% down $250,000(I asked the lady on the phone if they took cash. She did not think it was funny)
    Thank you- I'm a live. I have chronic migraines now that they can't do nothing with but, i'm here and alive.
  4. jsmith4816

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    Funny you started this post today, as my truck was just rear-ended (slightly). I wasn't in it, but it had happened in the parking lot. I had moved my truck so the plow guys could clean up the lot around all the cars. I went grocery shopping and came back and BAM, rear bumper is bent down into the bed of my truck :frown:. You can see the slide marks on the snow and looks like they had zero control of their car. At first, I thought it was the plow crew cause it looked like they had just finished. But as I parked, I looked at the car next to us and her entire passenger side door is bent and wont close. I looked at the bumper and bent it back close to normal, but noticed that it bent into my bed (which i cant fix). Will post pics tomorrow of the damage, as well as the deer that ruined my front end a few years ago.

    mobile uploads 2-3-13 541.jpg
    I bent my bumper back, but it left this indentation

    mobile uploads 2-3-13 543.jpg
    The neighbors car.
    Big dent in the front bumper from a deer a few years ago. Also took out right side of the grille and parking light assembly. Was the same situation, had zero time to react. doing 55 down the road and ou comes bambi.
    mobile uploads 2-3-13 540.jpg
    Lastly, dent in drivers door below door handle. Not as noticeable with salt on the truck but when its cleaned up, it is very. Sister backed up into me even though it was daylight. Said she didnt "see" it lol.

    I want to keep this truck but with all the body work it now needs (also has rusty cab corners) I might be better off getting a new one

    Glad your okay now Curky
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  5. Sir Koscoe

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    Girl I was dating back when this happened called frantically saying that she had wrecked her moms car and needed me to come get her. I was a teenage boy then so I hopped in the car and sped off not caring about the weather conditions. Hit a slick bridge that had a curve in it and lost it. Hit the wall, slid on top of the wall before spinning around and coming to a stop in the middle of the bridge. I was ok, but it is amazing how mny people don't stop to see if you were ok. I didn't realize until later when my mom asked me if that paint on the railing was mine. I can't understand what kept my car from going over the edge and into the interstate traffic below, except God was there and kept me safe. I had 2 black eyes from the airbag, but I was safe. The car was a total loss......The state has since redesigned the bridge with taller walls, so i cant get a picture of how close i actually was to going over. This was about 9-10 years ago. I trust that God is in control now.......

  6. UpsetProps

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    Not a Chevy, but this happened to my girlfriends car in October 2012.

    She was woken up at 5am by her roomate to go look at her car. Total write-off.

    Someone (likely drunk) did a hit and run with a lifted truck which we think had a Road Armor style bumper.

    The car was pushed something like 50ft from where it was parked.

    He eventually went to the cops a couple days later and filled a police report, so she was able to get it covered by his insurance.

  7. Conlan Rose

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    Holy crap!!!!! You sure he wasn't driving a semi.
  8. UpsetProps

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    Yeah, it had his make / model on the police report. 2011 GMC Sierra actually...
  9. Conlan Rose

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    Well we know what won that battle...
  10. FrigginNoodles

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    My old truck... I let a family member take it home during a snowstorm, ended up being a head on with two other cars. Thankfully everyone walked away uninjured.


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