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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by tbplus10, Nov 16, 2013.

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    Over the last year my wife and I have become good friends with the GM of our local Chevrolet dealership. We bought 3 new Chevies in 4 years then I sold him 2 classic Harley Davidsons and did a few custom mods on his pride and joy late model Harley.
    Last week while my wife had her HHR in for routine servicing he asked if she was interested in swapping it for a new Chevy truck for a while, at first she thought he was trying to sell her a new truck, since we know him so well she got a little upset he'd try to take advantage of our friendship in this manner.
    He evidently realised later what happened and called me to explain that he wanted to see if my wife was interested in taking a new, 2014, Chevy Silverado 1500, for a medium term test period, 2 month test drive, and write a review on her opinion
    We made arrangements to swap her HHR for a new truck at the Arlington TX truck plant, their going to take her car and do a complimentary full service while she drives the new truck and logs her thoughts for the next 2 months.
    Since it'll be a womens view I'll try to post some of her findings.
    They agreed to provide a fully loaded LTZ 4x4, Im interested in comparing it side by side with my 2011 LT 2wd.
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    Remember it's HER new Toy NOT yours... :rofl: Tell her to drive it like she Stole it....[​IMG] Till....[​IMG]
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    Nothing says I cant hook the car trailer to the back and make her do all the driving now.

    I already test drove a 2014 back in September and honestly I wasnt impressed, yea it had a few more nice to have features but there were also a few items I didnt care. The diff now makes a rather loud clunking and ratcheting noise when locking in that Ive never heard on any 07-13 trucks.
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    I have heard of GM doing a few things like this before. The guy that owns the storage place that I kept my boat at had a newer 2500 silverado, I am not sure what year. But, every few months gm calls him to come and get it. They pick it up and take it to the GM proving grounds for a few days, they leave him with a new model of the same truck. Apparently, they do a bunch of testing on it and check certain components for proper wear. When they are done they fill it with gas, fully detail it, do an needed services (oil, trans, diff, t-case fluid changes), and give him a check for any miles they have put on it. If they find something wrong they fix it. He said one time it came back with a new drivers seat. They said that an engineer did not like the way that the foam was breaking down, so they took it for further inspection and gave him a new one. I asked him how he became part of the program. He said that he just got a phone call one day asking him to take part. Pretty sweet deal. It always happens when he is about to tow his huge trailer up north. So, he always gets to use the new truck for it.
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    This would be so cool to do. I would love to test and review a new truck for a month or two. Sweet deal guys.

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