GM Mini Mart and Deli - Arlington, Texas? Wonder how long this will last?

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    Once again, I was just driving along and I spotted something that was out of the ordinary. I guess technically the name is "GM Mini Mart", so they're not saying that they're "General Motors Mini Mart" ... lol Maybe since they are located in Arlington, Texas ... not to far away from the GM plant where the full-size SUVs are made ... they just wanted to show the flag? In any case, I have to give them props for being bold and going into small business. I'm not saying that I'm going to go there, but I still have to give them credit. :)

    20130924_131218.jpg 20130924_131222.jpg 20130924_131224.jpg 20130924_131242.jpg

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    ... and look! It's under NEW MANAGEMENT! That's good, because the old guys were terrible. :)

    Here's the link to the place. Maybe we should have a Get Together there? :)

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