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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Wolfman217, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. the phantom

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    The intake tube on my 2011 ran all across the top of the engine under the cover. I would think that eliminating that with a CAI and having the air go directly from the filter to the intake would reduce some of the "heat soak" thats spoke of. Just my .02
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    The ebay CAI actually work pretty much just as good as a $500 unit. im running a full out airaid CAI and it ran me about $400 when i have buddies in 10 second trucks running ebay ones. honestly alot of the gains are going to be under a load and WOT. thats where u will see were the less restrictive and cooler air will shine. plus like i was say n on the high way your temps will be cooler since your moving how i have mine ran.... i have the tube, then made a custom stainless box, and the cloth like materiel behind the radiator on the passengers side i pulled that out and my intake sucks " from an angle" from behind the front grill. i did this and my temps crusing around dropped about 12-16 just crusing
  3. darnie1987

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    Again, I don't mean to be argumentative, but my stock air box pulls air from the front of the truck, behind the headlight assembly.

    This is the point I'm trying to make, NO TOP. How can that be a "cold air intake", when the top is open to the hot engine compartment air.

    I'm sorry, I don't get it.

    1/4 mile guys are using a real "cold" intake, they will surround the air box with ice, resulting in a very cold intake (resulting in a denser charge, providing more O2 ).
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    haha i quit.... i get what ur saying but unless i could show u hands on i dont think ull see what i mean. and yea they cool the intake because u cant hot lap cars. but they dont run with it iced just between runs.

    all these guys open box and seem to be do n alright ;)
  6. Skippy

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    While I prefer a sealed box design, it's actually not as "open" as you think. The boxes have sidewalls and a rubber seal along the top. When the hood is closed, the hood creates the "top" of the box sealing against the sides. It's generally got a few cracks here and there, but they seal pretty well against the hood (forcing most air flow through to take cooler air not coming off the engine, and not from the top under the hood.).

    Even with more exposed filters, the larger cone enables far more volume of air to enter the intake. Airrade, K&N, and others do an OK job... but at the same time, the actual gains are minimal. CAI's are typically purchased as a cheap bolt-on that adds sound qualities not available in the "box" and the designs commonly are made to catch the eye when you open the hood. People like them that way.

    Your stock box that has a 4-inch opening near your headlight isn't going to provide the airflow that a run-of-the-mill CAI (even if it's open completely). The volume offsets any heat difference, and when done correctly, a good CAI ALSO draws cooler air from similar locations (look at the Volant applications, for example).


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