GM rethinks rear-wheel-drive sedans because of fuel economy

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  1. Cableguy

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    Tom Krisher
    Associated Press

    DETROIT - General Motors Corp. is evaluating future rear-wheel-drive large cars and may cancel some of them if the federal government goes through with stricter fuel economy or pollution regulations.

    The company hasn't stopped developing the new models and intends to proceed with the new Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac G8 sedan, but other models that haven't been announced yet are on the bubble and may be affected by changes in fuel economy regulations, company spokesman Chris Preuss said Thursday.

    "If we did have a shift in the regulations, there's no question those programs would be impacted," Preuss said.


    The possible changes, described earlier this week by GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, would come because rear-wheel-drive cars generally are larger, heavier and use more gasoline than smaller front-drive cars.

    "We've pushed the pause button. It's no longer full-speed ahead," Lutz told the Tribune.

    President Bush wants to reduce gasoline consumption 20 percent by 2017. To reach that number, he has proposed raising the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard from the current 27.5 miles per gallon by 4 percent per year. The increases would begin for passenger cars with the 2010 model year and for trucks with the 2012 model year.

    Bush's regulations would take into account the vehicle's attributes, such as its size, instead of the current calculation based on the manufacturers' fleet.

    Under his proposal, the CAFE standard for domestic cars would rise to nearly 34 miles per gallon by 2015.

    In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that carbon emissions can be regulated under the Clean Air Act.

    Automakers have said the technology might not be available to achieve as much of an increase as Bush has proposed.
  2. Cableguy

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    Let Dubya drive a front-wheel drive...
    We want a rear wheel drive road terror back. There is nothing amusing about spinning the front wheels on a car...
  3. TrailLeadr

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    True, but what will that mean for the future of 4wd vehicles? They'll be four times as expensive because it requires more drivetrain components.

    I can just see the front wheen drive suburban now.
    Won't that be a beaut!:sarcastic:
  4. djlndc

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    I assure you "Dubya" doesn't support these plans. Check with the folks running Congress now.
  5. Splinter_Cell

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    just check out the acidia, it pretty much a front drive trailblazer. but it can still be awd when it needs to be. which means that all the trucks are going to be heading that way too. which means that im gonna have to keep buying older trucks and cars because its rear drive for me all the way.

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