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GM Tech 2 and "advanced scan tools"

Discussion in 'Programmers & Tuning' started by PantheraUncia, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Active Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    Out of curiosity's sake I googled GM Tech 2 to see what came up and went to "shopping"....... Ebay.....$1000 ( thats allot of money)....... third party dealers $4500 - $8000.

    What is the magic of this thing? the software fits on a 32MB ( mega-byte ) memory card..... and the the cards are PCMIA O_O........ I can't believe the software is worth $4500-$8000 because the hardware is from 1980 and worth about $10 in 2012.

    So at this extravagant price range I am sure Snap On, Mac Tools, Cornwall Tools, etc must have much better scanners than a Tech 2.

    It almost surprises me that there is not an IOS or Andriod app that could be loaded on a 7 inch or 10 inch tablet with a USB to OBD2 cable for allot less than $4500-$8000 that will do the exact same thing.
  2. zigger215

    zigger215 Member 2 Years 500 Posts

    Negative ghost rider lol just kidding. I own a GM tech 2. Worth every penny, software if pricey but then again, worth every penny as well. The GM tech 2 is the ULTIMATE scan tool, it is capable of everything from full diagnostics, reprogramming and fully coding ALL of your GM computers onboard, minor tweaking for tires size all the way to full tuning, tuning that is beyond that of a diablo tuner. The GM tech 2 is the cats meow of the software world when it comes to our trucks, when I drop my truck at a professional shop for work (I work out of town, sometimes I need a mechanic to do my work) they see my tech 2 and offer my ludicrous amounts of money for it, I had one guy offer me 10,000 bucks based on all the software and updates I've given this thing over the years.

    There is a minor problem with the tech 2...minor....You have to be a rocket scientist to use it. I am not so I don't use it to its fullest potential...it gives you so much control of your truck that without proper training you will seriously mess up a lot of things
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2012
  3. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Active Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    Cool, so where is a good place to get a Tech 2 on the cheap side of the price range? as I mentioned, they are on ebay..... but not sure I want to buy off of ebay. Considering I might own more GM vehicles, particularly trucks that I would like to tune....... might be worth if it the price is right.
  4. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Didn't you hear what he said, Nak? You have to be a rocket scientist to use it. Put another way, if a bumper assembly confounds you, you might need to reconsider this item. :)
  5. zigger215

    zigger215 Member 2 Years 500 Posts

    Get a diablo intune. That's a better buy for your buck. The tech 2 software needed for "tuning" your truck is very expensive and very hard to get your hands on.

    Is the tech 2 the best? Yes! But that comes with an astrik. It's only the best if it's in the hands of a trained individual.
  6. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Active Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    Surreal..... you saw my truck...... 2000 (12.6 years old), 7k in body work needed...... potentially a new crate engine..... 3k.........I could care less about the bumper...... why not let me take it to an open field and play with it and if it blows up....... I really did not loose much...... the trade in value is like $2500....... that is like 3 payments on a new truck.... If I blow the engine up, it will be an even better rebuild project.

    And if you really think that bumper is a piece of cake...... I will let you have the pieces and time you how long it takes to get it put together..... :)
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2012
  7. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Active Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    I have an Intune and I like it..... but with out physical mods....... upgraded engine..... upgraded tranny...... an intune will only do so much anyway.....
  8. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Have at it! I just had to give you some heck because it's been months, now, and it's cracking me up. :)
  9. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Active Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    This is off topic, but I think some coil springs and a 6x6x6.5 rail road tie will make a better bumper than the factory one..... and it will be a mod and an upgrade from the chrome stock bumper......

    Anyway I am going to look for a tech 2 for a decent price...... maybe I can re-program the bumper while I am at it :)
  10. Dave1987

    Dave1987 New Member

    the original one cost more than $2k, so I have my money well spent on a clone one. I got one English language GM software version with 32 MB Card, Candi, tis2000 and other diagnostic cables. What I appreciate is that is it not a PC-based device which means I do not need to connect it with computer, phone etc tablets. It allowed me to diagnose even drive on the way. After all, nobody will take computer anywhere, me included.
    GM tech2 is an extremely easy-to-use device. Simply connect the device to the vehicle’s OBD diagnostic socket and then turn on the diagnostic switch to start diagnostic. I have hooked it up to test engine, ABS, transmission etc, stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, live data all the test result were displayed on the large, easy –to-read backlit screen. It helped to carry out accurate and stable diagnostic function.

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