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Discussion in 'Programmers & Tuning' started by PantheraUncia, Aug 31, 2012.

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    I was looking at the GM Tech 2 at some point since all my vehicles have been GM and I would get many years of use out of it for diagnosing issues and potentially re-programming their ECU. Well GM has upgraded and the new diagnostic tool is called MDI and it requires an annual subscription to work.

    This is the: GM Tech 2 Deluxe with 2010 Software and Candi Module
    This sells for about $4500 brand new and is the old technology. ​

    This is the: GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface for Tech 2

    The hardware sells for about $1500 brand new and replaces the Tech 2.

    It looks a little strange right? Well it is the interface to connect your OBDII to your laptop with Tech 2 software installed on the laptop. It has a connection for the OBDII to the MDI and leaving the MDI you have the option of a USB cable or a Cat 5 network cable (Much higher bandwidth than USB). That "should" relate to faster data logging and true real time displays in gauges and charts on your laptop. GM lets 2 different manufactures create these diagnostic and programming tools:

    Bosch Diagnostics:


    It also requires an annual subscription from AC Delco found here:

    So the cheapest you will get away with one is for the $1500 + the annual $1395 fee for the Tech 2 and Service Programming Package (if you want diagnostics and programming features to be enabled).

    I called ACDelco and asked them if these subscriptions were only for dealers large chain auto shops and they said that anyone that wanted to would be able to purchase either the Tech 2 or the MDI and a subscription to the service (Why woudn't they right).

    Anyway I am posting this for information purposes if anyone is interested, I am, but not with the annual subscription fee. I guess its not for me then.
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    Do they have a 30 day try-before-you-buy plan of some kind? ;)
  3. PantheraUncia

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    That would be nice, woudn't it? :) unfortunately it does not look like they do, People that buy this stuff know what its for and what it does :) so they are not looking to try it and buy it :)

    But with that MDI Interface, they tells me it is even easier to get data from the cars ECU to a computer. Like I posted in the other thread, I don't think it would be that hard to build a Tech 2 or in this case an MDI Interface for allot less than $1500. For Instance:

    Purchase a Raspberry Pi for $35:


    Load it with Linux or Android 4.x (There are already 3 apps in the android app store that will read OBD II data). Both the PID's and log data to your memory card in your Android phone.

    Load the SD Card slot on the Raspberry Pi with a 128gb SD Card (way more space than you need for the Operating System and Android Apps for OBDII)
    This card is just under $200

    So far I have spent just under $250 (my cost, not whole sale). ( I did forget the $4.99 for the full version of the android app, but that is still less than $250).

    The only thing I don't have now is the ability to custom program the ECU, or a complete set of data data collection software like the MDI/Tech 2.

    • My Intune cost me $399. If I get a custom tune, add $135. = $534
    • If I get a Trinity it would cost me $599 + $135 for a custom tune = $734
    • If I get a MDI I am out $1500 + $1400 a year so the first year will cost me $2900
    • If I get a tech 2 I am out $4500 + 1400 (to get updated software as GM sends updates out), first year = $5900

    So I like my idea for $250. I don't think GM's software is worth $1500 a year, all it will take is some smart programer to update the android app all the way to the finish line. And maybe pay $50 per vehicle that you want to add the base data or PID's for.


    + $50 for my 2000 silverado 1500
    + $50 for my 2013 silverado 2500 Dmax
    + $50 for my 1994 Grand Prix

    (This idea might sound crazy in 2012, but as history shows, this stuff should only get cheaper and we have the technology to do it NOW).

    Most modern Cell phones have Micro HDMI or wireless HDMI now and most of us carry a phone now anyway so no need for an extra screen, but if you wanted to, you could get a small HDMI screen or USB screen (5-10 inch) pretty cheap too.
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    i KNOW old thread but i wanted to add a very important key fact here. the MDI interface has to have GDS2 software available through TIS2WEB. however GDS2 (global diagnostics software 2) is NOT backwards compatible and will not do some models older then 2010. as of 2014 ALL gm will be GDS compatible. and to my knowledge as of a month ago, the last time i went to mass for training, there are NO intentions of making GDS backwards compatible.
  5. xPosTech

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    That looks like a pretty good deal. The French website worries me a little, though. But ~$320 is something we should check out.

  6. Jackcloud

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    yes and maybe you can try our GM diagnosis tool,we have more after service tech support,see my signature
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    I'm pretty satisfied with Torque Pro, OBDLink and Android. Ian, the Torque Pro developer, is constantly upgrading the software.

    There's no link in your signature; you didn't consider a sponsorship so you could market to members of the forum?

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    Can i post a link or not? or only vendor can be post link

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