GM wheel hubs.

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    So I'm getting the 02 silverado :
    and I'm seeing the discussions about sudden dangerous hup bearing failures.

    What is a quick effective way to do regular inspection ? Jack up the corner and check for play ie. wobble, noise, resistance to rotation etc...? How often?l

    You can't do a preventative? No way to pull hubs and lube? "Adj preload? Can't you drill and tap the u joints for zerts?
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    I have never seen a premature hub bearing failure on a well maintained vehicle. Bearing failures are not isolated to just GM trucks. In my 30+ years of driving, I've seen plenty of vehicles on the side of the road with bearing failures.

    If you don't know the history of the maintenance on your truck replace the bearings and you will have a baseline to work from. Otherwise raise the vehicle and grab the top and bottom of the tire and check for play.

    Some Warning Signals Of Imminent Bearing Failure:

    • Increased vehicle vibration.
    • Any increase in "rolling noise."
    • Elevation of operating temperatures which can show up as a burning odor at the affected wheel or even indications of smoke and lubricant leakage.

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