GM will phase the Monte Carlo out in favor of the Impala.

Discussion in 'Chevy Monte Carlo Forum' started by ChevyFan, Apr 27, 2007.

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    The Chevrolet Monte Carlo is an American mid-size car. Originally introduced by Chevrolet for the 1970 model year (as competition with the Ford Thunderbird), it has gone through six generations to date. All Monte Carlos to date have been two-door coupes, closely based on a contemporary mid-sized sedan.

    From its inception, the Monte Carlo also has been one of GM's biggest successes on the NASCAR stock car racing circuit. However, in 2007, GM will phase the Monte Carlo out in favor of the Impala.

  2. retired2001

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    The last Monte Carlo I had was a '72 and it was a really great car. The last Impala I had (owned 5, over the years) was an 2000 LS and it was a great car. I considered the Monte Carlo a "2 door" Impala when they brought them back out. Is NASCAR going to start racing Impalas?
  3. mr.copenhagen

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    thats horrable!!! thats probubly my fav car beside the trans am or comaro!!! :'(
  4. djlndc

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    This is the problem with American auto manufactures. They don't maintain customer loyalty because they create a car line, then discontinue it, bring-back an old classic and then stop building it. Honda has made the Civic for nearly 40 years. Instead of trying to create something new they just improve upon the last great model. GM tries to invent catchy new car names only to dump them a few years later because the design was a piece of crap. Why did the S-10 have to be dumped for the Colorado. Redesign the truck and give it the same name. That's what keeps me loyal. I owned 3 S-10s, only to move to a Jeep when they killed the line.
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  5. TrailLeadr

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    That's a good point. If they wanted to spice it up, they could have kept the S-10, and offered the "Colorado" trim level.
  6. ChevyFan

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    Chevy did it with the blazer and the camaro. Ford did it with the Bronco, they're not stupid enough to do it with the mustang though.
  7. raceman1

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    Being a huge Nascar fan I would say with Nascar's decision to make the cars safer for the drivers (the car of tomorrow) the Monte Carlo was not a big enough car to use. The Impala Chevy is using for Nextel Cup fits much better. The old saying is "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday" still applies. It will be sad to see the Monte go, but I have a feeling it will be back.

  8. captainstormy

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    I've got an 85 Monte Carlo and I love it. Still runs great on the original engine and transmission. The body looks like hell, the windows don't roll down, the heater and the AC don't work, but shes got it where it counts.

    I've been thinking about getting a newer car recently and the Monte Carlo was the only chevy car that I found I liked really.
  9. Mel Layrisson

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