GM workers feel powerless amid huge changes

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    [​IMG]General Motors Corp. workers across the nation were beginning to deal with the automaker's historic bankruptcy filing Monday and the effect on their plants and lives.

  2. Dan

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    if they didnt get so greedy over the years they might not be in the place they are now
  3. rcpd34

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    They should; they are largely resposible for what's happening today.
  4. Hummer

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    I am looking for a bumper sticker that says, IF UAW MAKES IT I WON'T HAVE IT

    They vote for crooked slimey politicians year and and year out. The politicians are riding high on their support. Maybe they will wake up but unlikely.
  5. ChevyFan

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    What does that mean? What events did they do that caused "what's happening today?"
  6. Hummer

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    It is a given that UAW block votes and openly supports democrats and anyone can look at the ones they support and realize they are only in it for the money and not the wellbeing of the nation.

    It is a given that the democrats set up the fannie mae, freddie mac fiasco.

    It is a given that the republicans knew about the coming collapse and only gave a little bit of warning when they should have told everyone. Bush should have put it in every state of the union address from day one but didn't. No he is not lily white either.

    It is known the unions were constantly striking or threatening to for higher wages thus driving manufacturing off shore. That really helped the country didn't it?

    As I understand it the union is now going to run GM, yeah that is going to be a real well oiled machine.

    Obama said he was going to take care of the unions and as I understand it they are going to get 535 million a year they can use to contribute to candidates they like. OK kids, who does the union like?

    It is a known fact most of the slime politicians are from the union states and they get big contributions from their friends in the unions.

    To be sure I had a uncle who was a strong UMW man. In his last years he realized the union was backing slime and he changed. My Dad was a miner and he didn't like what he saw and got out early on.

    As well I have friends who worked at Chrysler, Ford, GM and they have told me all the crap that goes on. They told me about the threats, intimidation etc that happens and the cushy jobs the union people get.

    I saw on TV maybe ten/twelve years ago a GM exec saying they turned out lots of bad products back in 60s, 70s, 80s. That is why I wouldn't have one. It is for sure the unions had the power to strike to get higher wages, they also had the power to demand better products and until the Japs came in with better cars they were riding high turning out crap. Obviously Ford and Chrysler were the same.

    I was in Ohio maybe eight years ago and the Ohio Lottery gave away a new Honda and this dumb little bitch turned it down because she was a union member. Obviously one of two things were at play, she was stupid or she was afraid. Listening to her talk I think it was more stupid in her case.

    Then to top it off the GM execs said they need a bailout to keep afloat and they would be OK. Within hours of getting it they paid off execs with big bonuses in the hundreds of millions then they said they couldn't make it and declared bankruptcy. So the union big shots made out big, the execs made out big, the slime politicians made out and will make out big.

    When the Unions started it was a good and needed thing but the power went to their heads and it was down hill all the way.

    Bottom line is I am not aware of any union that has ever supported a republican, only democrats be it UAW, UMW, Teachers etc. Whoops I missed one, I do know of one union member that turned out good, Ronald Reagan.

    As stated we have a Durango and Silverado and also have a Honda. It is my second Honda. First I sold at 192K as we got the new Honda which has 241K now and did not need two. The Durango has 152k and the Silverado has 54k.

    I liked the Silverado so much I had started to go looking at GM cars until all this came up and I finally woke up.

    If I understand it correctly the Union has not gotten into Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru and they are doing fine with no bailouts.

    OK kids, the UAW plants need bailouts and the non UAW plants don't. Thus begging the question if the unions are so good why is it only the union plants are closing? They close and that puts a bind on the whole community.

    I just found out from a friend that this there are alot of UAW retired workers living here. They live in nice sub divisions and where are these at? South Carolina which is not a union state.

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