GMC 3500 HD Diesel won't start

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Trucker, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Yes, as mentioned above, it's hard for us to give you help without the year of truck.
  2. Trucker

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    Hello Brian,

    Thank you for your reply. It is packed with good information.

    My truck is a 2000 with a 6.5 diesel. It is probably on the engine and yes, relocating it would be a good idea. I believe that heat may be the issue. I also, had been involed in a front end collision about a few hundred miles ago, so that could be an issue also.

    I have tried to find it on the engine but still cannot.

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    Thanks to all those who welcomed me. I think I will like this forum and maybe be able to help others in the future.
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    Sorry, I'm not much help on the 6.5/6.2. More of a duramax guy myself.
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    Here ia a thread on another site I found that will help you decide if continuing this job yourself is within your abilities. I have found a couple vids but they are so poorly shot that you will have a headache before you get halfway through, and they aren't very clear to see either. I will keep looking, and post the best pics I can find. The best thing you can do now, is get yourself a Haynes or Chilton manual that covers the 6.5 TD engine in detail,and read about the PMD. I was wrong about it being on top of the IP, it's on the side, and you can either remove and replace it, or just unplug the harness from it, add an extension, and place a new one in a cooler spot. Removing the cruise control assembly, and the coolant crossover, may help you get to the top and side of the IP. More to come, and good luck.
    Brian L.
  5. Trucker

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    Brian, you made good sense

    This makes the most sense. Thanks a lot I did not see the video you mentioned.

    I found this
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  6. RallySTX

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    That's the nicest one I ever saw. Good work finding that one. The two I found sucked. That's why I didn't post them. If you need anything else, let us know, and we will help all we can.
    Brian L.
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    You have helped tremendously and I appreciate it very much!!! :happy:

    I think that I may have found the PMD or FSD. I took a picture below for review.

    Do you think this may be it?

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    Looks like you nailed it on the head. Nice job man! If that's on the left side of the engine, passenger side, I believe you got it.
    Brian L.

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