GMC C 6000 366 high idle

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    Hi I'm new here sorry to jump right but I need some help

    I have a 1988 gmc c 6000 366 (6.0) (carburetor) (x uhaul 24 ft cube )
    with a high idle , I replace the carburetor gasket and check all air
    lines but still have a high idle
    I assume there's a idle solenoid ? but didn't find one when I tried to
    search for carb parts
    ************* UPDATE **************8
    I found the problem, maybe this will help someone in the future
    after checking and rechecking and playing with the front main butterfly only to crank it up and still idling high, I worked the back butterfly back and forth I notice it seem a little sticky (this truck has been sitting for a while) I cranked it up really expecting nothing because I've been at it for a couple of hours but much to my amazement it Idle perfectly
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