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Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by 09Z71, Jul 14, 2010.

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    i took my wife's 2010 Terrain in for a service today, and went into the showroom while i was waiting. i saw that my salesman that I've done business with since i got my first vehicle was walking around aimlessly. we talked for at least 30 minutes. i told him that my next truck, if it's redesigned (don't like the design and fit/finish/quality right now) will probably be a Canyon, due to lack of need for a full size as of nowadays, and in the future i plan to use my truck as my commuter once again. he said that he's not exactly sure if this is true, but he has a cousin that lives in Shreveport, and works at the GMT355 plant, where the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado are built and his cousin gave him some insider news. probably bogus, but interesting enough to mention for those looking to buy a new Canyon. he said the GMC Canyon and chev are going to retain the GMT355 platform with minor revisions, with traditional front independent suspension and a live rear axle with the G80 locker on the back with the Z71 package. however, it is suggested that the Extended Cab will be dropped, and the price will be lowered slightly on the Crew Cab. the GMC Canyon in specific will contain the front clip, interior and front doors from the Terrain SUV, while getting a new, taller and wider bed, with a traditional bolt-on step bumper, while the Colorado will get a new front end, similar in design to the Silverado, but with a built-into-bumper split grille, and dipped headlights

    the 4 and 5 Cylinder engines will be dropped in favor of the more efficient, greener, and more powerful 3.6L LLT V6, tuned to put out 304HP, similar to the Cadillac CTS and Camaro. the basic models will have the 2.4L 4 Cylinder LAF Ecotec motor found in the Equinox and Terrain.

    GMC: SLE-1, SLE-2, SLT (Z71)
    Chevrolet: LS, LT, LT-2 (Z71)

    you can imagine the features on the Equinox and Terrain will carry over. such as all-four-automatic windows, Bluetooth, Ipod integration, and the 250 Watt Pioneer Sound System. our Terrain has the Convenience package, which comes with Remote start and heated seats. interior design will likely be the same as the Terr/Equi, with subtle differences between the two. 4x4 switch locations are likely near where the gear shift/cup holders are, although final locations are unknown.

    most of the other components will be similar/same as the Terrain, and no photos yet.
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    THat sounds like a pretty nice truck that most people would be able to use.. Im not a fan of the Canyon for the same reasons your not a fan of them either. It be nice to have a comfortable truck that will get decent fuel economy.
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    yes, although it is not a completely trustable source, it sounds logical that they would make the new Canyon similar to the Terrain, and the Terrain is very comfortable and roomy, and even though the Terrain is an SUV, it has a nice, bold, tough front end that everyone wants these days. and if the 3.0 FWD Terrain can tow 3000LBS, I'm sure the Canyon can tow easily 6000LBS with a 3.6 or a V8 and upgraded suspension. I forgot to mention to everyone that the salesman told me only minor differences would be made to the front end, such as smaller front air dam, raised ride height, and different wheels. a Z71 package is going to be revived as well.
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    304HP on a little frame like that! I may not need my 3500 any more.
  5. murdog94

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    Thats what i was thinking to........
  6. 99ChevyZ71

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    im liking the 304hp in a v6

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