GMC Inner Fender Liners '07-'12 - $35

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    Like new inner fender liners (4) for 07-12 GMC Sierra call or email with questions 916-914-4867 in great like new condition located in Lincoln CA
    Wheel House Liner

    These black Wheel House Liners help protect the rear wheel house areas of your truck from damage caused by rocks, dirt, salt, road debris and weather elements. They also enhance your truck's appearance by providing a more finished look. Please note that they are not for use on Dually models. Rear Set, Not For Use on Dually Models - For Use on 2007-2010 Single Rear Wheel Light and Heavy Duty Models and 2011 Single Rear Wheel Light Duty Models

    19166677 $120.00 GMC/Sierra
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    So what kind if condtion are these in? How long were they on the truck? Does it come with all hardware needed to install? Only really need the rear two, Would you sell just the back and for how much?
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    KDGUNS New Member

    They were installed but never drove with them on they were wrong for the truck they were bought for my hubby tells me they were for 07-10 gmc and apparently only fit half ton '11 and '12 I do have the hardware but these are literally brand new looking no dirt nothing and stored in a garage no sun fading or anything like that. Will part with the two for $20.

    LOVINTHESTORM Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I want these PM me to make some arrangement.

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