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    I changed my rack and pinion today and i was moving the steering wheel back and forth and I heard a click, thinking nothing about it i proceeded to put my new part in. When i turned my truck on the service light went on for the "Service Air Bag". I've never had this problem before and i was wondering if anyone knew what the issue can be. Also, i have a bullydog downloader and i read the DTC and it gave me a code U1064 unknown error. HELP!
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    Welcome to the club!!!

    Well you sir have a broken clock spring now, any code beginning with a "U" is stored in the BCM. You can try and disconnect the battery totally, and then touch and hold the + & - together for a few seconds and then hook the battery back up and see if that resets the BCM.

    I broke the clock spring on my 04' Colorado the same way, putting a new rack and pinion in. They wanted $300.00 for the clock spring, because it is part of the multi-function switch. (cruise/windshield wiper arm) I bought a used steering column off of ebay for $50.00, got everything from the intermediate shaft to the air bag and free shipping!!

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    The clock spring is inside that little black circle with the yellow stickers on it, you have to pull the air bag and then the steering wheel to get to it. I can't post how to remove the air bag due to safety issues, plus I have gotten yelled at in the past lol!

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    GMCSIERRA03 New Member

    Wow thanks that's very helpful! Do you know why they break? Cause it's not like I did anything to it really other than move the steering wheel. Thanks again for the help!
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    Well after I broke mine, the truck was still drivable but It made that horrible snapping noise all the time. Basically all of the internal parts are copper and plastic, hence very cheap cheesy design. Anytime you disconnect the steering shaft, you have got to be super careful not to move the steering wheel. I will see if I can find the picture of the inside of it.

    GMCSIERRA03 New Member

    Ya see I don't hear snapping or clicking at all when I drive
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    when any work is done that concerns the steering you must lock down the steering wheel so that it will not move too much . if the steering wheel / ISS moves to much these small wires to the AIR BAG break.

    you should have seen some yellow warning labels on the steering shaft about following the proceedure.

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