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  1. nottmbantam

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    So, needed a couple of wing mirrors for my 1996 K2500 Suburban. Tried quite a few used parts shops here in Riyadh, but to no avail. I had heard of a huge scrapyard , around 25 miles outside of Riyadh so took a drive out a few days ago. It's a massive site. I was crawling along , seeing breakers yards for Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc....then a local guy pulled up behind me and insisted I follow him. I was naturally driving the Suburban.

    He insisted I follow him, and he took me to his breakers yard, slightly off the main drag. Here, I found the biggest collection of Suburbans, all being dismantled and broken. I know know where to go if ever I need hard to find parts. I got the wing mirrors, now fitted.



  2. BurbanMan

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    Dang! Do they have 91-older square body burbans in there?
  3. Pikey

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    lol, shipping might kill you as I believe that he is in Saudi Arabia! Nice find @nottmbantam I would love to find a place like that here.
  4. nottmbantam

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    To be honest, didn't notice any pre 1991 older 'Burbs - still see a few out on the road sin full and active service. THis breakers yard tended to concentrate on the model that I have - up to 1999?

    Yes Pikey, I am in Saudi, so the shipping will cost a fortune. THose wing mirrors for example aint the lightest things, with the motors still inside. I have now heard of a smaller scrapyard in the city of Riyadh, so will have a mooch around there probably on Thursday....on the hunt for some replacement speakers - the ones for the boot / cargo area. I find the original ones are a pretty decent quality.
  5. BurbanMan

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    Oh shat! Never mind! Lol you can keep them

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