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    The GM G-Series (Rear wheel drive) and H-Series (All Wheel Drive) vans, the Chevrolet Express and its twin the GMC Savana, are full-size vans from General Motors. They replaced the GMC Vandura and Chevrolet Van in 1997. The Express and Savana currently hold 44.8% of the full-size van market in the United States, just behind rival Ford's E-Series. The Express outsells the Savana by more than 3 to 1.
    After 2003, the Express and Savana had updated sheetmetal similar to the GMT800 light trucks and SUVs, and at the same time, fitted with the LS engines.
    The cargo variety of the Express/Savana is popular as a work vehicle, often used by electricians, plumbers, and others needing to haul a variety of large items. In this way, it is the North American equivalent of the ubiquitous white vans in the UK.
    The Express/Savana is also available as a passenger van, seating 8 to 15 passengers (depending on the model), and is often used as a very capable tow vehicle, ambulance or as a shuttle bus.
    Both the cargo and passenger models, as well as cutaway versions often serve as the basis for conversion vans and motorhomes.
    There was a limited edition model of the Chevy Express passenger variety, named the LT. This type was a GM factory made conversion that included a Bose sound system, two flip down flat panel television monitors, a VCR, leather seats, aluminum wheels, extra trim, and an advanced GM stereo system with CD and cassette. This model was discontinued around the year 2003 and was meant as a trail sale.
    The main competitors for this model are the Ford E-Series, the Dodge Ra Van, and its successor, the Dodge Sprinter.

    From Wikipedia
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