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  1. Cableguy

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    General Motors' (NYSE:GM) OnStar unit and Time Warner's (NYSE:TWX) AOL MapQuest unit have announced an expanded pact for OnStar subscribers to plan their driving routes on The joint venture would send a destination right to OnStar's Turn-by-Turn Navigation service.

    This new Turn-by-Turn service enhancement is being called OnStar Web Destination Entry. It will allow subscribers to use MapQuest to research and plan their driving destinations with what is being called "more than 15 million points-of-interest" available through the mapping Web site.

    This will be available to more than 2 million GM vehicles in 2007 and an additional 3 million vehicles in 2008. The companies will start a Web Destination Entry pilot program in the summer of 2007 and the service will be available to all OnStar subscribers in late 2007 with Turn-by-Turn Navigation-capable vehicles. OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation, a GM exclusive that was available in all Buicks and Cadillacs, is additionally available for a $100 service plan upgrade on many other new GM cars and trucks during the first year of service.

    If you read into this, it is a "good news and (not really) bad news" scenario. The good news is that GM drivers will get some new GPS-alternative mapping instructions at a lower cost than a pure navigational system that can run north of $1,000 in some models. It also shows how easy future offerings can be integrated via satellite right into Onstar and other driver assistance services for cars.

    The bad news is that this will probably not act as a catalyst that will make a huge difference to GM's auto sales and it may not add drastically to the bottom line at AOL. The good news (inside the bad news) is that the bundling looks like whatever it does generate in revenues will mostly go to the bottom line after a minimal amount of subscribers.
  2. NHSilverado

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    Ha! I bet this will cost the OnStar subscriber $50-$75+ a month easy. The current navigation assist package costs $35 a month. That is OnStar's biggest problem = they charge TOO MUCH!

    I can guarantee this won't be a one time fee. Might be a one time upgrade fee for older vehicles that allows this new feature but you can rest assured that there will be a monthly fee for this just as there is for everything OnStar related.

    I checked into the Verizon Wireless/OnStar Hands Free deal. $70 to VW to share your cell minutes with your OnStar phone # plus that minimum OnStar subscription of $17 a month. SO to use your handsfree system with the outside source you were looking at a minimum of $87 PER MONTH!

    I have no doubt this new MapQuest/OnStar feature will be priced just as ridculously high. OnStar can come up with all the gimmicks they want but until they offer their services at reasonable rates only the upper middle class to wealthy can afford it.

    There is a reason why OnStar only has 4 million subscribers( been available since mid 1990's )out of the tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of GM vehicles sold with OnStar equipment and that is thhey are TOO EXPENSIVE!
  3. Cableguy

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    I have that feeling too Silverado. It needs to come down a wee bit. So the average Joe can enjoy this service in a package deal. Thanks for your inside scoop on pricing
  4. abuelito

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    i was told it would cost me 100 dollars a year,,,all i would have to do was tell them where i was going and they would direct me,,,i have no screen or nav paxage,,,,they said they would prompt me in my journey,,,,,well for 100 bucks i would be admitting i am stupid,if i dont know where i am going ,i wont go,,,if i know where i am going i will go there,,,,i have enough of my wife telling me how to drive and i surely dont need on star butting in,,,abuelito:lol:
  5. Cableguy

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    Ha Ha Ha true. Well then packages for Onstar must be like cell phones. This much for that, that much for this. I can't figure out cell phones as it is.
  6. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member

    I would bet every cent I have that it will cost you more than that. Maybe $100 a year ON TOP of the $34.95 p/month OnStar premium pack with navigation. OnStar doesn't allow ANYTHING without having a subscription. Nothing is a freebie or no charge extra with them. While I don't know for sure I can almost guarantee based on their policies to this point that this is something to be added to current subscriptions you have to keep or it is a new package level that will cost a small mint. NO way for $100 a year you get a subscription and this new MapQuest service. :neutral: The cheapest current OnStar plan that does not include nav assist is $17 a month so it is well over $100 a year for that. Again, I bet it is $100 ON TOP of their current premium pack with navigation.
  7. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member

    Actually, I just went to OnStar and looked and they have LOWERED the monthly price on the premium pack that you would need for this feature( Directions and Connections ) from $34.95 to $26.90. It does not say yet if this will be an extra charge above the plan mentioned above. Just says it is part of it. I would be very amazed if it was not an extra fee to use it on top of the premium package. Either a monthly fee on top of the $26.90 or a p/use surcharge when you download a trip to your OnStar account. Maybe not but that is their usualy MO. Maybe not though? Perhaps they are finally waking up. I know the premium price dropped just since I got my 07 2 months back.

    The $100 is for those vehicles that do not get the turn by turn navigation as part of the free 1st year. Not all GM vehicles get that as part of their free 1st year, or you can only try it 1 time before needing to pay the upgrade on some like my NBS 07 Silverado, so if your vehicle didn't get it then it would cost you $100 extra for the free year period to used the MapQuest feature( and read the fine print - $100 p/year or $9.95 p/month to use the turn by turn during your free year after the 1 time they give you whether or not you use the new MapQuest feature or not ). It isn't $100 extra to use it after the 1st year as I kind of guessed at earlier. The $100 comes into play strictly as the upgrade fee to use it furing your 1st year that comes free when you buy a new car.

    This link explains it in more detail. They will start it this summer with a test group and then by the fall I guess make it available to all...

    Again, NOTHING is a freebie or a no charge extra with OnStar and what they sell is very $$$. Also, as this link will show I was correct earlier, you HAVE to get the premium subscription to use turn by turn/MapQuest.
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  8. Cableguy

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    Nice work NHSilverado, We appreciate the effort you put into that research.
    BTW I don't even have OnStar in my truck. Thats all I need is another button in my truck...:lol:
  9. NHSilverado

    NHSilverado Former Member


    Actually, I have made it my mission in life to inform as many people as I can about the rip off that is OnStar! So many people don't understand all the hhiden charges and loop holes in their policies that force you into extra costs. They have to be one of the biggest rip off's I have ever seen for something like this.

    I am so darned mad that GM( who owns OnStar )put that crap in my truck at MY expense yet I have to pay all these crazy fees to use it. NOT! I don't really have an issue with paying a "FAIR & REASONABLE" charge for the emergency service or the premium pack( their prices are far from fair and reasonable however )if I decided I wanted them but I really get irrate that you have to subscribe to one of those to use the hands free feature. THAT sets me off to no end. I also am just beside myself that it is iffy whether or not you can safely remove all that equipment. OnStar gets so tied into your systems electronics that it can cause issues if removed. Just unbelieveable!

    The hands free feature should be a seperate option not requiring any other OnStar services and priced at like $5-$10 a month tops. Not $17 minimum for the basic plan plus $14 for 100 minutes airtime or $70 to use Verizon Wireless. Give me a break $87 a month to set my VW account up to work through OnStar = NOT IN THIS LIFETIME BUD!

    Just a HUGE rip off. I can add a bluetooth adapter for about the same, slightly more, or slightly less ( depending on which one I choose )than it would cost me for one year of hands free OnStar. At most after a year and a half I am ahead of the game vs doing it through OnStar. Maybe the reception would be a bit better with OnStar but it is not that much better to make it worth all that extra money. The only people I really see that need or could really benefit form the dollars spent on OnStar are people that travel a lot for work. IN that instance where you are in the car all the time it makes sense. Extra safety in case of an accident which you would be much more likely to get into plus that nav feature to help you get to the various places you travel to. For the average person it is a BIG waste of money. IMO anyway. I sure have a lot better places to spend my money than OnStar.

    I wrote them a letter telling them just what I thought of their crooked policies about a month ago and just the other night( funny it was when you started this thread )some lady from OnStar called about it. She tried to feed me a bunch of BS about how it was free for a year and I didn't pay for anything so why was I so upset. Man did I give her an ear full! Didn't pay for anything? Excuse me but we paid for that equipment in our trucks which up until they made it standard equipment was a $900 option! I told her nothing is ever free and that I most definitely not only paid for the equipment in the sticker price but that I more than paid for my "FREE" 1st year as well when I bought the truck! I basically told her that OnStar could stick their service.

    Unfortunately, she got me a little upset so to speak :rofl: so I didn't get to bring up all the points I wanted to. :rules: OH well, it was fun venting on her anyway. Best part was she was foreign and had trouble understanding English so I got to repeat myself and yell at her a lot. :biggrin: I freaked a guy out from OnStar the other day too. I was riding along and all of a sudden OnStar beeped me about a tour or setting my free account up or something like that. It said to press the blue button for an advisor to walk me through it. I did and when he came on and said Welcome to OnStar this is so and so how may I help you I let him have it. "Who told you to beep me? Don't you ever do that again! I almost went off the road. I should sue OnStar" etc... It was a lot of fun.
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  10. 84fiero123

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    Just curious.

    I don’t know a dam thing about OnStar, other than it is a glorified cell phone, hooked into the cars computer system?

    Now is this like all other cell phones? In that if you have a cell phone with no service contract it is still capable of dialing 911?

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