GMT 900 Brake issues?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by lgrppup, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. lgrppup

    lgrppup New Member

    Hey to the Forums. Just curious if there are any members who work in the field, ie dealers? Or if anyone has any info on the newer trucks brakes. My 08 Sierra's brakes started to squeal at about 8,000mi. Took it in to the dealer, said they cleaned the rotors??? Took it back two weeks later. They stated they would order the "updated" brakes pads. Took it back for that, and some other work. Not sure if the work was really done, because they still have an occasional squeal. The brakes are also starting to pulsate. Anyone know about this updated pad, or any other issues with brakes on these truck? Now that my dealer has closed, I need to find out how to get this thing fixed at another dealer. Might just take off the rotors and get them turned myself. Oy!
  2. Ghostwhite

    Ghostwhite New Member

    I just got my truck used with 21000 miles on it and it has some squealing in the brakes also... when I test drove the truck it was bad once the brakes heated up it seemed to be more grabby and squealed quite a bit but now its just the occasional squeal. Anyone else have this issue or know anything about it? I wanna take it to the dealer with some background info or info on what others have done to fix this.

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