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    So we're now officially into the "Big Board" space where we get over 10,000 people on this site each day, boatloads of new members, tons of new content, photos coming out of our ears and any-other word-picture that you want to use. We're growing and getting big.

    First, I want to say THANK YOU, to all of the mods on the site who have been here since the beginning. Their's is a job of constantly staying ahead of the spammers who hit us all the time, the trolls that come by looking for a war, and the newbies that aren't used to forums.

    Next, it's a big thank you to all of the members who've signed up and make this place rock! You ask great questions that are on topic (usually) and moreover, you jump in and HELP PEOPLE who have questions ranging from how to get a new gas cap ... to how to replace a gas tank! Thanks!

    Now, all of you lurkers (the biggest bunch by far!) ... what are you waiting for? We don't spam your email when you sign up, we're a user-to-user community designed to help you get the most out of your GM vehicle. Sign up today and help make the community ever better.

    Growth over four years.
    Without getting into really boring numbers, I started running Google Analytics on this site in March of 2007 (nearly 4 years of data with only a few days of downtime when the code dropped off ... long story) and it's just amazing to see that we keep growing EVERY MONTH!


    The site started off around Thanksgiving of 2004 when I didn't see any good Chevy Forums on the web at all. So I started Soon after, I started more sites just for the Suburban, Tahoe, Silverado and other Chevy vehciles. Keeping up all of those sites was too much, so I migrated everything over to some custom version of phpnuke called PostNuke and PNphpbb software (both are defunked now I think) ... and then in early 2007 I moved to the current platform vBulletin, but with a different look and feel.

    Anyhow, long story short, we just keep growing and recently we had to jump to our own dedicated server becuase we just keep maxing out every server that I keep moving to. This seems to be very stable and we have the abililty to load another server and do a co-location load-balance geeky thing if we need to, but that's not necessary right now.

    Future plans?
    Well, you tell me what you want? I'd like to do more with ratings and reviews, better photo gallery stuff with an easier time to upload and get access to your photos. We've had plans for a facebook-style chat feature as well where people can chat back and forth too.

    We do want to do a special mobile app to make things easier for those on the go as well. If there is anything else you want to see, just let us know and we'll put it on the list for future growth.

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    Steve, we really appreciate your vision for this part of Cyber space we call home.

    Without you forethought and tenacity, we would all be out there cursing some other clunky website.

    Kudos for keeping up with the Cyber geeks and help us to grow along with the rest of the competing Forums.

    Most of us that have been hanging out here for a while, are in it for the long haul, and we will support your Web ambitions.
    (that is except for that smart car thing...)

    We are all looking forward to the time we can buy merchandise that will allow us to show off our Group.

    Just keep us plugged in and we promise to continue driving the to newer and bigger numbers.

    Shuzbut, Na nu, Na nu...
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    You know, if you type in GMTRUCKCLUB into Google, the post about GMTC shutting down to become a Smart Car forum is still one of the top results. I had to re-write the subject line with (APRIL FOOLS) in the front of it so people won't leave the site. I got hate mail on that prank. Good times. :)

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