Going for a NASCAR look..

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    MEGATHRASH 1 New Member

    Well im getting my Silverado in a couple days, and i've been thinking i wanna go for the NASCAR look, i was thinking dropping it with a DJM 4/6 lowering kit, and putting flowmaster super 44's on it, and some NASCAR type wheels. Now i need help with fitment, wheel size, & just about anything else. I know the look i want but i dont know what parts i need..someone help :(
  2. o3gerber

    o3gerber New Member

    Welcome to the club, what year is your truck?
  3. McMahan

    McMahan New Member

    Need to know the year of your truck so we know what all you will need.

    MEGATHRASH 1 New Member

    Well it's gonna be a 2001, single cab, short bed
  5. Welcome to the club. There was/is a wheel manufacture that makes a black steel wheel with NASCAR logos on it. Maybe do a goggle search for these wheels.

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