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Going from a 4" Suspension lift to 6"

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by 2011laserblue, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. 2011laserblue

    2011laserblue New Member

    Hey guys, couple of quick questions.

    Currently I have a 4" BDS suspension lift on my Silverado 1500.
    At the time I decided to go with the 4" because I only have 3.08 gears and I didn't think I wanted to mess around with the gears....BUT

    Now I think I do.

    I'm running 33" tires and it just seems like my truck is always searching for a gear...and towing the boat is hell.


    Would it be stupid/difficult to go up to a 6" lift? I don't want to do a body lift..but how would I go about doing this?
    I'm not really interested in buying a whole new 6" kit from BDS....any suggestions?


    If I were to go up to a 6"...I would run 35's....what gears?
    I was thinking 3.73 or 4.10?


    Suppose the 6" lift is to much of a pain and I just stick with what I have...I still think I want to do something different with the gears.
    I used the conversion listed at the top of the forum and did (35/33) x 3.08 and got 3.26.

    I suppose the only good thing about my 3.08's is when I finally do settle into 6th gear on the highway I can still get about 18-19 MPG....how much of a difference would there be if I decided to go to a 3.73 or 4.10?

    THANK YOU!!!!
  2. ahmitchell1

    ahmitchell1 New Member 1000 Posts

    I would at the least do 4.10s with 35s. Running a small gear puts stress on your transmission. I'm running 3.73s with my 33s and the proper tuning and I love it plus if I'm nice I can get 19 mpg if I was running 35s and wanting to still tow all my stuff I'd go with 4.56s
  3. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 1000 Posts

    I would go with 4:56 for the 35's. I was running 4:56 with my 36's and it was almost like driving the truck when it was stock. When I went to the 38.5's it was still ok, but I would have liked to regear again. With 38.5's and driving 70mph I would turn just over 1000 rpm's on the freeway, so mpg was not that bad. I believe that you would have to purchase a new kit from BDS. But, installing it would not be all that bad considering that you have to take it all apart to get the 4" kit off.
  4. ahmitchell1

    ahmitchell1 New Member 1000 Posts

    By the way ill take that 4 inch kit off of ya
  5. 2011laserblue

    2011laserblue New Member

    What gears did you have stock?
    The 3.08's were obviously designed to be low RPM to save gas, and I understand that the higher gear ratio the higher the RPM. I guess what I'm trying to ask is what is the best gear setup for 35's in order to get the best mileage. I'm not expecting to get 20 MPG...or else I would have left the truck stock. But I'm also not wild about getting 10-12...if thats the case I'll just leave it as it sits because on the hwy I can still get 18-19....


    - - - Updated - - -

    And contacted BDS...they said it is an easy upgrade to 6" kit....wouldn't have to purchase a whole new kit!

  6. ahmitchell1

    ahmitchell1 New Member 1000 Posts

    My truck was stock with 3.73. Smallest I'd go would be 4.10swith 35s.
  7. 2011laserblue

    2011laserblue New Member

    I had it backwards...lower gear means higher rpm...right? Because technically a 4.10 is lower than a 3.08?
    Anyway...tranny is a 6 speed....have read that 3.73's would do fine with 35's....yes, no?

    Do mostly hwy driving...how would mileage be w/ 4.10's and 35's?

    Because the 3.73's are technically not a "heavy duty" rear end like 4.10's..would it be cheaper or easier to make the switch from 3.08's to 3.73's than a 3.08 to 4.10?

    Definitely don't want to "cheap out" on something like this...but just curious. From my understanding with a 6 speed trans the 3.73 is very close to 4.10's with 35's.

    Someone prove that wrong so I can just settle this and make up my mind!!!!
  8. sfdefender24

    sfdefender24 New Member

    Ive seen most people that are running 35s run a 4.56. Most gear shops I have talked with recommend 4.56s. On top of that, all my buddies with NNBS run 4.56s with tunes. With the 6speed trans and 4.56 they are running about 900-1100 rpms at 70mph. Once I have my 4.56s installed in a couple weeks, ill let you kno how much better mpg I'm getting over my stock 3.42s.
  9. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 1000 Posts

    I agree with @sfdefender24 . Many of the guys running 35's are running 4:56. Do you have a gear shop that you are going to go to? You could always stop in a talk to them and get their opinion. If you don't have one, there is a great shop in Waterford,MI. (I don't know how far you are from there) The guy has done all my work and many of my friends work. His prices are reasonable and he is honest. If you want the info PM me and I will give you the details.
  10. sfdefender24

    sfdefender24 New Member

    [MENTION=51590]Pikey[/MENTION] Im going to a company in Zeeland to do the rear end and a company in Grand Haven to do the front end. Both charge 200 to install and are recommended by several of the guys I kno from Muskegon. Thanks for the thought tho.

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