Going from Captains chairs to 60/40 split bench

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    I recently upgraded and bought a 2005 GMC Yukon XL. The vehicle had low miles so I bought even though I prefer the bench over the captains chairs. I found a 60/40 split bench on craigslist and the seat leather was in good condition.

    Problem was, I didn't install the seat after a couple of weeks, and when I finally did install, I noticed that the buckles were missing. I went to the dealer and tried to purchase a set, but it seems the model years must have changed a little.

    I think the 60/40 second row is from a 2003, maybe 2004. If anyone who has this model year Burb, if you could send me a pic of the seat tracks, and the buckles, I'd appreciate it. On top of acquiring the buckles, I need to figure out what trim pieces match up to my rigs interior color.


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    My center seat appears to be lap belt only. And perhaps 2003 and newer have shoulder restraint in the middle seat? Can anyone confirm?

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    My 03 had a lap belt on the center. Good luck finding belts. I had a bad mechanism on one of mine and no one would sell me one. Luckily, my brother works for the company that made them and got me a set for free.

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