Good price to pay someone to put on leveling kit

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by mvoss2576, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. mvoss2576

    mvoss2576 Rockstar

    Whats a good price for someone to put on a leveling kit on a 07 Chevy Silverado Classic, 4wd, crew cab.

    Currently I run a 275/65/18 tire, but looking at some Nitto Terra Grappler AT's that are 275/70/18 and from what I've read, I'll need a leveling kit to put them on, right?

    The new body style looks easy to put a leveling kit on... but the older Torsion bars dont look so easy.
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Good price to pay someone to put leveling kit on

    For your year truck its easy. Should take a shop no more than a hour to install and that includes putting truck on a lift. You will have to have the front realiagned. You could rent or borrow a torson bar key tool and install yourself. Most manuals such as a Haynes manual shows and explains how to remove and replace the keys.
  3. mvoss2576

    mvoss2576 Rockstar

    Yeah.. I dont trust my mechanic skills sometimes. LOL
  4. mvoss2576

    mvoss2576 Rockstar

    Anyone living in the North Texas area willing to help me do it, I'll buy lunch and beer! LOL
    Oh.. gotta save up for the kit though..
  5. SOAP2500HD

    SOAP2500HD New Member

    leveling kit

    i had mine installed by 4wheel parts. took them less then an hour to install and alignment
  6. Stealth

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    you are running a classic right? then it has torsion bars silveradotrailblazer.

    TWODOGS Member

    did mine my self took about an hr real easy job all you need is air tools and a jack

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