Good spot for this..So who's watching this Wedding over seas???

Discussion in 'Games Forum' started by Enkeiavalanche, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Being from England I have a sense of duty to watch, This will be the fourth Royal Wedding that I remember, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and now Prince William. Felt quite nostalgic and homesick and also quite proud, while I watched this morning, the pageantry is something that we Brits do like no other. Don't really see the humor in it. The fly over by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was awesome.
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  3. stephan

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    I agree Adam. I was amazed at the pagentry, & solomness of the occasion. I've never seen a royal wedding before & also have never seen the inside of Westminster Abby. That place is just amazing & in itself made it worth watching till 4am just to see the inside. Have you ever been inside it?
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    I agree, the whole pagentry was very cool, It definetly is a whole 'nother world. But to be honest I watched a little just to see Kate. ( HOT!)
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    After being married to a Brit I have no use for the Brits. Except the FIL-RIP. Now he was a man of men. Too bad National Healthcare of Britain caused his demise and eventual death. God Bless You Sam.

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