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    1986 chevy silverado k10 half ton 4X4... which is no longer a half ton is a heavy 3/4 ton.. new axles new leaf springs.. 4 in suspension lift. 3 in body lift
    35x15x15 super swampers white rims. truck is red n white roll bar in the bed with head ache rack 2 lights on the roll bar.. 2 pipe bumpers front and rear.
    4 lights on the front bumper.. new radiator put in last year.. the motor is good.. the transmission is good.. just needs put in.. the transfer case went out in it last fall and
    have 2 transmissions that go with this truck both are good. has 1 good tcase with it..
    whole bunch of extra parts starters windows transmissions extra drive shafts and a list of odds and ends.. have a cherry picker engine stand and alot more.. the engine is in the truck the trans is

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