Goodbye to some of the engines we know and loved?

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    GMC Released #'s on the new 2014 5.3L V8 355 HP & 383 ft #'s torque increase of 40hp & 48 ft #'s of torque over the current 2013 5.3L V8
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    The new v6 camaro had direct injection that optimized the fuel. It makes somewhere around 323 currently and was rated at 298 when it first came out. The only engine that had AFM was the auto 5.3. The manual didnt use AFM at least for for 2013 Im not 100 percent sure.

    I was discussing some of these issues with a co-worker yesterday. Other than sports cars, a manuel transmission just isnt efficiant to build anymore along with a automatic (from a production standpoint only.. not personal preference). This is why more cars come with A/c and other creature comforts standard instead as option, because its just cheaper to build all the cars with it vs this one with and that one without.....sadly I just dont see manuals staying around too much longer due to more gears and optimization for fuel that whole keeping your hands on the steering wheel thing since every control they can get is being moved to the steering wheel to avoid having to look down or off the road.

    As for diesels. I feel there has been a large market in the US and Dodge is going to prove it. I personally dont have a need for diesel but I feel that people are moving to keep there vehicles for longer periods of time and that doesnt sit well with manufacturers who want you to buy a new vehicle every 3 to 4 years....

    I am very interested myself in how the ecotec engines hold up in the long run but progress must exist....otherwise we wouldnt have such technologies like fuel injecton...and I personally wouldnt want to buy a car with manuel lifters and a carb on it....unless its a 70 chevelle 454....
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