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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by sheep, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. sheep

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    i just got my 92 silverado and since its used there are some things i would like to change.

    there are some stickers on my windows that i would like off, its a flyfishing one and a hill air force base one, if anyone cares lol. whats a good way to remove these? they are pretty old and im not sure how to get rid of them without scratching up the window.

    next question, the paint is pealing on the hood and was wondering what a good temp fix would be until i get the money to have the whole truck repainted? its a white color and the spot is pretty big, i would jsut like to stop it from getting any bigger

    last question, something that is kinda weird on these older chevys is the stereo position, i am big on stereos and want to put subs and aftermarket deck in. can i put an aftermarket deck in the spot next to the steering wheel? or do i have to put it in the spot where the tape deck is and just unplug the stock stereo?

    thanks for anyone help!
  2. MWright936

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    Well, I can help with the first question. I've peeled many a sticker off of my previous truck and all it took was a scraper with a razor blade. I usually finish it off with a little rubbing alcohol to get any residual sticky stuff. I never scratched the window. I guess if you had some tint film or something like that, it may be a little more tricky. Good luck! :great:
  3. sheep

    sheep Rockstar 100 Posts

    ill give that a try, thanks
  4. jerr7

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    I use a little Naptha it works great also try Goop you can get at Lowes or any hardware store most stores sell it
  5. zippy

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    Have you tested some Duplicolor truck paint for a color match? For the price of some rattle-can primer and top coat you might get any acceptable temp finish on the whole hood. The sticker in your glove box has the paint code number(s).

    I went through the dead radio dilemma a while ago. At the time, the only option, to keep the dash location, was to use an OE unit. I was able to get the complete new after-market set-up for a less than having the factory radio repaired.
    Yes, you're gonna have to get a color matched adapter to locate the new unit below the dash center grills where the tape and EQ are (American International GMK333 $15 - $30). You'll probably wanna get a storage pocket to trim out the hole from the old radio (American International GMP333) $6 - $20. You'll need an adapter plug/converter for the new unit and one for the GM antenna. And, you may wind up changing the speakers to get an impedance match with the new unit.
    You'll find the necessaries are available on-line and the prices vary considerably.

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  6. sheep

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    sweet, thanks. i plan on doing new speakers, got to get a new box that will fit in my truck for my sub, and then my amp and all the wiring for that...seems like everytime i get done with the stereo in 1 vehicle i end up getting another one and have to start all over lol

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