Got an intake now looking for exhaust/programmer

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by GSXR, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Whats up guys, just bought an intake. and have been reading about what to do next. seems like a exhaust and programmer are next. im looking for a catback to run out just the way the factory exhaust does, and not looking for it to be too loud just a little deeper and a little better sound than factory. also looking at programmers and kinda clueless to them, im use to cars and bikes so learning all new stuff, and just like my bike starting to get addicted quick. any input is appreciated.
  2. 06MonteSS

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    for your 05, you could get a diablosport 7193 model Predator for your setup... comes with an 87 octane performance tune, a 91/93 octane performance tune, has a ton of adjustability, etc...

    here's info about it:

    and has the best deal going on them right now.. $279 and free shipping... be sure to also get the pc interface kit, so you can connect it to your PC to download recorded data logs, and import/export tune files for when you want to get a custom tune done for it for even more giddy-up...
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    Thats what I run in my '05 since new and love it.

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