got into a serious accident

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 09Z71, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. 09Z71

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    well, Karma is an angry bitch.

    i got into a serious accident on Thursday. i was in my Mitsubishi, which is only a couple months old, and i was driving home. i was waiting in line at the 4 way stop, which is a seriously dangerous intersection. i was on the one side that has a speed limit of 50 kph, because it is a school zone. the crossing traffic slows down from 80 kph. i eventually got to the front of the line. i was turning left, into the the 80 kph zone. i glanced right, and saw a pretty nice Range Rover coming to a stop. then i glanced left and saw a dark blue Pontiac Vibe that seemed like it was slowing down. so i decided to proceed. the next thing i knew the dark blue Vibe was past the stop sign, still cruising at 80 kph. i made it about 3 feet away from the stop sign and just began to look left at the 1.5 ton hatchback bellowing towards me when the woman in the Vibe slammed into the side of my car. i went flying, feeling the car go onto two wheels. then i felt the burning of the chemicals from the side airbags, then some stinging from the glass. i blacked out for a second, and the car came down hard on all four wheels. then it was silent.

    it was horribly scary, and after about 10 seconds i gained my composure, but my door wouldn't open. within 2 minutes there were TONS of people surrounding me. i managed to climb to the passenger side and opened the door to freedom. rescue was already there, and the first thing i saw was steam pouring out of the blue car. there was radiator fluid everywhere. then i saw the horrible mess of what used to be a perfectly fine brand new Mitsubishi Lancer. i managed to snap some pictures of my car, and some pictures of the Vibe will come later, as they are on my other computer.

    I am doing OK, i was taken to the hospital and got checked, and i am extremely sore, i got some bruises and tissue damage from the seatbelt. i am glad i came out the way i did, because if i was in any other car i could've been much more injured. as for the woman in the Vibe, she was texting and blew right through the 4 way stop, and paid the price with injuries similar to mine. court date is in December, so i get to spend some quality time with my truck until then. the Mitsubishi is totaled, they appraised it at $15,000, which is too low for a months old car with under 35,000 kms on it. the funny thing is my new Iphone went through the window and ended up 200 feet down the road, i dusted it off and snapped some pictures.
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  2. Darknesss23

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    Lancer: 0 Iphone: 1!!! I'm very sorry to hear about your accident and VERY glad to hear that you've managed to walk away with minor bumps and bruise .I've seen many accidents over the past five years, being a volunteer firefighter. Many of them have had much worse outcomes after much less damage! Stay safe out there and get well soon!
  3. SliverZ71

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    Wow glad you were able to walk away. I have had that had happen year ago and it sticks with you.
  4. tbplus10

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    Hate to see that happen, but glad to see your ok.
  5. murdog94

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    Glad you made it out alright, and sorry to hear that they are trying to screw you with the cost of the car, as to the court date what do you have to wait for since she was clearly the one who blew the stop sign etc??? keep us posted, and once again glad you made it thru!!
  6. mad1500hd

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    what everyone said above...glad you were able to walk away...and that's the usual case for the appraisal...sorry to hear about that...once again...glad you're ok...
  7. Springthing

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    Holy crap! So glad you came out of it alright. And extremely happy to see that the Lancer's safety features worked 100%. You (basically) walked off from what could have been a tragic accident - broad side on the driver's side; 90 degree t-bone.

    Good luck with the financial issues. I've a long story about a "new car" accident vs insurance company but that's for some other day.
  8. phoebeisis

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    Wow-glad you aren't too dinged.
    I hate drivers who cell phone and text.
    It is now a crime many places to text while driving, and it should be against the law to drive and talk on a phone.

    Your car doesn't look too bad considering the 50 mph(80 kph) impact.Apparently It was a very well designed car- saved you life!
  9. Bigbomber

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    Glad to hear you are ok after your accident.Hope you heal up quick
  10. 09Z71

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    yeah, the car held up well. when i get the money from the insurance, i will buy another Lancer, because there is no way i would buy any other small car.

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