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    So I made my trip down to Duluth and back yesterday to get my tires. $950 all said and done. One thing that concerns me is that Bridgestone offers no mileage warranty at this point for their A/T Revo2 tires. However, I knew that going into the purchase so we'll see what happens.

    So far I have driven about 400km so far and I love them! Very smooth ride with only a very slight hum when at speeds over 100km/h but other than that no noise at all. They may not be as aggressive looking as BFGs but I'm hoping/expecting them to outperform BFGs!

    I'll have an idea of that next winter! But for now, I will say that anyone over-looking the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo2 tires, should give them a second look!

    Only negative comment I have about them at this point is the lack of any mileage warranty whatsoever, and should anything go wrong I'll be sure to post about Bridgestone's customer service - good or bad.

    I opted for the LT 10-ply tires, and I must say I notice NO difference in ride comfort from my previous P rated Cooper Discoverer ATs.

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