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  1. tbplus10

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    Taking an idea from one of my wifes favorite shows and putting my own spin on it
    Post truck trends and a short note why you want it to continue/make a come back or why it should stay/go into history.

    Let me kick it off.
    Stacks on pick-up trucks, they had their time, dont get me wrong "Little Red Dodge trucks" were probably one of the coolest factory offered trucks built and a lot of that was the twin smoke stacks.
    But that day has come and gone and the present crop of stacks look like a chrome plated garbage can bolted in the middle of the truck bed, I mean really how useful is the bed now that the front part of the bed has a huge pipe sticking through it?
  2. SurrealOne

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    Please stop the piles of stickers on the back windows of trucks -- from the sticker of Calvin urinating on something, to the Browning deer sticker, to the Ducks Unlimited sticker, to the Mossy Oak sticker, and far beyond to the stickers of all the various mods under one's hood, bed, or roof (which, by the way, just say 'steal me'). This fad is Retarded (with a capital 'R') and is just plain tacky. It's akin to placing large numbers of pink flamingos, concrete angels, bird baths, and lawn gnomes randomly all over one's yard ... except it's placement of a crap-ton of stickers on one's back window, instead.

    A couple carefully placed stickers/logos on the back window is one thing ... and is tasteful. However, a back window with more stickers on it than a two dollar whore has tricks on a nickel night ... is not.
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  3. Sierraowner5.3

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    stick on fender vents!

    fools no-one! gaudy crap.....

  4. Ceej

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    I like what you posted SurrealOne. I've been involved in various NHRA events for a long time. I could probably suck down some contingency money if I'd put a few stickers on. I don't. Mainly because my current cars have plates on them. I don't want kiddos coming along side and "smoking me" on the road. I'm not going to play with them. They want to mash it and say they beat a race car, great. With the short gears I'm running, I tool down the freeway at 60 to get as far as my fuel cell will get me. Without the stickers, they just look over and see some old fart in an old car putting along. Will my car pull 120 MPH quicker than they can tell what happened? Yes. But that is just plain stupid. They have the cheapest Chinese tires on that 5.0 Mustang that were available. Keep being stupid kids! But be alive! CJ PS: I put lots of stickers on the trailer I pull my race car to the track in. Funny how no matter what they're driving, they respect that.
  5. tbplus10

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    Heres a "Gotta Have it".
    Certain antique trucks (or cars) on late model chassis with late model drive trains.
    Most 4x4's look great (as long as it isnt a 67 Camero or something like that on a 4x4 chassis) and almost all sedans, station wagons, and coupe's look awesum built up with late model running gear.

    A friend of mine just finished his 1962 Chevy Suburban on a 2012 Caddy Escalade chassis with a 6ltr Supercharged power plant, sounds great, rides great, and looks like a classic.
  6. FrigginNoodles

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    Make it stop...
  7. ChromeSilver02

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    Bring It Back/ Gotta have it.

    Straight Axles, simple interiors, & tough trucks

    Make It Stop.

    Camo Wraps or Do it yourself camo
  8. SurrealOne

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