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Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by hamza0192, Aug 17, 2008.

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    i have a 5.3Liter 1500 silverado and i got 26 inch rims on it. i wanna put 28 inch rim but i dont know if a 5.3liter can pull 28s. if anybody have an answer to this question plz answer me.. thanxx
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  2. mehoff400

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    i think it would be more of a re-gearing your rearend than a motor problem
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    Go for it!

    Greetings and salutations, hamza0192, welcome aboard!

    It's not the diameter of the wheel that governs, it's the overall diameter of the tire that's mounted on the wheel. A 33" tall tire is considered pushing the limit for an OE 1500. I'm assuming you're presently running something like 305/30VR26s on 26x10 rims for a 12" wide foot print that's 33 1/4" tall. That's a lot of rubber for a 5.3. If you're not lifted, I'm guessing you're experiencing some rub.
    With 28-inch rims, your tire selection becomes much more limited than with 26s and the price doubles (or more). If you get some 28" rims, you'll probably run Kumho Ecstas or Pirelli Scorpions. They both seem to be available only in 325/35VR28. This would give you 12 3/4" of tire on the ground and be 37" tall. You'll definitely need a lift kit and new gears to turn these bad boys. But, if you're spending more than $20K on rims and tires, then gears and a lift kit are incidental. Humm... come to think of it, a supercharger wouldn't be over the top, either.
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    holy geez that is a big rim. got any pics??

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