GPL (LPG) Conversion sur TRAILBLAZER

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    GPL (LPG) Conversion TRAILBLAZER

    Hello to all,
    Here are some photos concerning the TRAILBLAZER LTZ (4.2L I6) LPG conversion.
    This conversion dates little but it works always perfectly.

    The installation was made within the Group BOREL in 2006 with an equipment PRINS of type VSI ( 6 Keihin injectors) in gaseous phase completed by a toric tank of 95L under frame.
    After soon four years of LPG conversion, this TB is as fit as a fiddle! (French humor)
    The LPG consumption remains completely acceptable and the cost in the use moderated, is in mixed condition 17L 0.55€ = 9.5€ / 100km.
    We add a small modification of type "Homebrew Cold Air Intake" from .......... LEROY MERLIN (Same as Home Depot) because K&N is really too expensive for me! Then an deletion of the resonator to release the hoarse breath of the TB (Still French humor), and it is the perfect vehicle.
    So equipped this 4.2L of 280Cv flirts with 300 of 5.3 V8.

    Saddened for approximate English...... Hi!

    Bonjour à tous,
    voici quelques photographies concernant le TRAILBLAZER LTZ (4.2L I6)
    Cette conversion date un peu mais elle fonctionne toujours parfaitement.
    L'installation a été effectuée au sein du Groupe BOREL en 2006 avec un équipement PRINS de type VSI (6 injecteurs Keihin) en phase gazeuse complété par un réservoir torique de 95L sous châssis.
    Après bientôt quatre ans de gépélisation ce TB se porte comme un charme!
    La consommation GPL reste tout à fait acceptable et le coût à l'utilisation modéré, soit en condition mixte 17L à 0.55€= 9.5€/100km.
    On ajoute une petite modification de type "Homebrew Cold Air Intake" de chez..........LEROY MERLIN (K&N est vraiment trop cher pour moi!), puis une suppression du résonateur pour libérer le souffle rauque du TB, et c'est le véhicule parfait.
    Ainsi équipé ce 4.2L de 280Cv flirte avec les 300 du 5.3 V8.

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    wow, translation pls...
  3. Frenchie

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    Report after some mileage.


    -The consumption seems reasonable. With CAI and only gasoline, the embedded computer indicates (With a very light foot !!) an average consumption of 12.5L/100Km - 22.5 MPG in mixed route. In city, this one climbs in 17L/100Km - 16.6 MPG.

    The cost of the LPG installation is not cheap: 3000€ - 4650$, but it is fast compensated with the advantageous french local tax system.

    -Well, with CAI and only LPG , later filling (80L -17.6 gal useful) GPL tank, in every type of route, it is necessary to admit the following consumption, errors excepted of conversion: In mixed route: 14L/100Km - 20.2 MPG. In city (Parisian town): 19L/100Km - 15.7 MPG
    Towards the ancient processes (Aspired systems), it seems completely correct. The installation seems configured well. The driving is smooth and powerful.

    -In mixed route: Autonomy approximately 550Km - 342 miles for LPG 80L - 17.6 gal (Depends on the ambient air temperature, where from the utility of a CAI) and 640Km - 397 miles for gasoline 80L - 17.6 gal. More of 1100km - 739 miles all in all! The whole in -25 % that in only gasoline.
    But the purpose is to run exclusively LPG, there it is half price! Like an Diesel equivalent money.

    -The starting up is made in gasoline then when the engine is for the temperature of 40°C, it connects automatically in LPG.
    On the contrary, when LPG is empty, it re-connects in gasoline with a sound alarm which it is necessary to validate by pressing on the LPG button on the dashboard, all seamless.

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  4. Ronny

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    I also have the VSI Prins convertion in my 03 Suburban 8,1 litre, and the price for LPG here in Norway is almost half the price of gasoline.
    As you say, it works seemlessly, engages automatically and switches back to gasoline automatically after LPG is empty. I have a 180 liter tank in mine.

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