Great Big Texas Home Show Review

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    We went to this home show in the Cowboys stadium today. WOW, what a horrible venue for a home show.

    First, you had to enter at the ground level (2nd level) and then walk 1/2 way around the stadium to get to an elevator to go down to the main floor. Once on the exhibit floor, everything was so crammed together because the space available is really designed for a football game, not a bunch of people walking around.

    Just about every 10 steps there was a log-jam and we could not proceed forward and had to wait upwards of 2 or 3 minutes just to start walking again.

    Then, they had other events on two sides of the stadium, undergrond. We never knew these were there until we were going on our way out. Then if we wantd to see both it would take 20 minutes of walking from one side to the other.

    Then to get out, you have to walk 1/2 way around the stadium to get to the elevator to go back up then walk to the other end of the stadium to get out.

    Cowboys stadium in Arlington is a HORRIBLE venue for something like a Home Show. It cost $15 per adult and $6 for kids. So we paid $36 total and it was NOT WORTH IT. I honestly will not go back even if it's free. FREE is too much to pay to put up with a worthless crowded venue for a show like this.

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