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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Trav, Jun 30, 2009.

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    So as I mentioned in my intro post here: I was thinking of getting a new exhaust for my truck, I decided to get a cat back, flow 40 series, with a single in, dual out, and chrome tips, nothing too fancy. I got a quote from a very good custom exhaust shop in the city I work and dropped the truck off for the day.

    When I went to pick it up, I started it up, sounded good, looked good, so I paid the man and went home.
    A couple hours passed and I got a message on my phone from the exhaust shop saying that they had messed up, and had my truck confused with another customer. (there was a very similar truck parked at the shop when I dropped mine off.) The message said that if I desired, I could bring the truck back and they would fix it to my original specifications free of charge, or if I wanted, I could keep what I had, as it was better than what I had originally asked them to do, and it would cost them more in labor to change it back. I went outside and crawled under the truck to see what they were talking about. Very surprised (and pleased) to find that they had put all custom 3" pipe throughout the whole system from the headers, dual high flow cats, a flow 40 dual in dual out muffler, and 3" pipe all the way to the chrome 4" tips.

    Of course I'm keeping it. And I got the whole thing for $300. Bet the other guy was pissed. :rofl:

    Will post pics, when it gets sunny out, maybe video?
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    Wow that works! I bet that was at least a $1,000 exhaust, and I am sure the other guy is getting what he wants to just at a discounted rate. Is it stainless or galvanized aluminum exhaust, because that could be a big price difference there too. Congratulations on the new system. :great:
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    It is all 3" galvanized, 14 gauge, not 16.

    Thanks :)

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    x2 on WOW...On the Exhaust!!
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    I wish i could get mistakes made like that

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