Great deal on off road lights from Summit Racing

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by TELORVEHC, Nov 12, 2010.


    TELORVEHC New Member

    So I was browsing Summit Racing, as I do every day, and came across this deal:

    4 100w off road lights, complete with wiring, terminals and switches, all for under $140. Its a great deal, and I would highly recommend it if you're looking for some cheap off road lights :glasses:
  2. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 New Member

    If you order them on a day where there is a show going on at your nearby store, then you get them for $125.00 like I did. I just bought 12 of them for my Silverado actually, going to do 55 watt HID conversions on all of them.

    TELORVEHC New Member

    holy crap, 12 55 watt HID lights.....thats gonna be visible from space its so bright :rofl: My 2 junkyard 55 watt HID lights are bright enough, I can only imagine what 12 will look like:gasp:

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