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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by drtbkmxr, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. drtbkmxr

    drtbkmxr New Member

    I just located this site and was amazed on the information and high performance tips and parts available for the older TBI trucks and cars.

    Check it out lots of great info and parts. This guy really spent alot of time to help us Chevy guys get the most out of our trucks.

  2. route66paul

    route66paul Member

    I took a look at his chips, but also saw these other chips on eBay for as cheap(and cheaper) than $10) I am assuming that these are just resistors and modify something to trick the ECM. (maybe to O2 sensor?) Do these work?
    I thinkt that this guy knows what he is talking about and that his chip is worth it, but I just have to wonder if it is all smoke and mirrors.
  3. drtbkmxr

    drtbkmxr New Member

    I questioned the same exact thing. What kind of impressed me a bit is if you look on the far left side of the site he has a TBI Mods section. If you click on this section he tells a laundry list of mods that can be made to increase performance and they are not all products he sells. He seems like a geniun car nut that just wants to share his knowledge and help out all us other car nuts. He gives advice and then the links to the websites where he gets his information and products so we can make our own judgement calls and purchases.

    It does not appear he gets any kick backs from these other companies he just tells what works. I must say from my own experience I have altered my truck in alot of mods that he lists on his site. One in praticular is the Holley TBI unit. Everything he has stated thus for for the mods I have done to my truck is correct. Right down to the problematic Holley fuel injectors. All of these mods I made over the past 5 years; some good some bad but all with my own expermentation with no help other than the tech guys at Summit and Jegs.

    Again I do not know the author of the site in anyway shape or form. I am considering buying his chip. I emailed him a question regarding the leaky fuel injectors on my Holley TBI and I am waiting his response. I will keep you all updated on what happens. If he gives me some sound advice and I purchase his chip for my 1989 Chevy Blazer I will let you all know how it works.

    I can recommend one major mod I made onto my truck with great performance and additional fuel economy is a 1" spacer plate by "Trans-Dapt 2533 Swirltorque Tbi Spacer Gm" I order this item through Amazon for $42.40. Not sure if all myother mods helped in the performance and economy or not all I can tell you is the spacer mod I made about a month ago all my other mods wre made no later than 5 years ago.


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