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  1. JnBama

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    I bet you had an explosive cat after all that cabbage, Back in the 80's Beale street was being rebuilt, they had a pub crawl on the Square mid town Mphs, you could get a Diver a small bucket with a little bit of everything , don't remember much after that. My party days have over for many years , done enough in my 20-30's to last a life time. High blood pressure and heartburn has taken over so it's just a beer or wine now and then maybe a sip of bourbon on a cold rainy day
  2. tbplus10

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    I was expecting that but he never had any problems.
  3. Coach24

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    Ironically for most of the year folks do not eat much cabbage, other than cole slaw.
    But when March 17th comes around beer sales and cabbage sales balloon. So does that mean that one must be intoxicated to enjoy the robust flavor of cabbage?
  4. Dana W

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    Nope, it always tastes good, but you gotta get past the smell of it cookin' somehow.

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