Greenhorn tire question, 2007 NBS tall and skinny or fatter?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by BornAgainBiker55, Apr 25, 2014.

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    Morning all,
    I'm a little green when it comes to tires for my 2007 NBS Silverado 4WD. I'm down to the last bits of tread on my current set and I'm researching tires for the truck. I have a 2" Rancho leveling kit on the front. I have the stock 17" Rims and would like to keep them, I'm just after a new set of rubber that'll help me out and not look like they came from my Malibu. (stock size is 265/70R17). I have a programmer to change the tire size with. Steering is rack & pinion if it matters
    I work in utility construction, so I frequently have to drive out to a dirt field that's been rained on. Mud typically winds up being no more than a foot thick in this situation. I also use the truck for weekend camping / fishing trips. Nothing extreme, just logging roads and the like here in the Rockies. I'd like some reasonable snow performance, but most of the time that's on maintained roads / trails. Red Feathers requires a hike in to ice fish, no 4WD required. So I don't need a massive M/T tire, just something reasonably capable in mud and snow.
    I'm torn between up-sizing to a 285/70R17 or to a 255/80R17. I read somewhere that someone had this tall skinny in a Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx (LT255/80R17 E1 121Q B on their NBS, but I can't find it now via Google or the forum search. Has anyone run this tall & skinny on their NBS Silverado? Do you have pics? I'd love to see if it's "weird" looking being that skinny on the wide truck. I know they look good on jeeps and the like, just was wondering. Are there rubbing issues with this size?
    How about the 285s? (285/70R17 E1 121S W This seems to be a standard size on the leveled truck, anyone have rubbing issues?
    Size comparison:
    A - 265/70R17
    B - 285/70R17
    C - 255/80R17

    A - 10.43"
    B - 11.22" - .79" Wider than stock
    C - 10.04" - .39" Narrower than stock

    Overall Diameter:
    A - 31.60"
    B - 32.70" - 1.10" Taller than stock
    C - 33.06" - 1.46" Taller than stock

    Sidewall Height:
    A - 7.30"
    B - 7.85" - .55" Taller than stock
    C - 8.03" - .73" Taller than stock

    A - 638.23/mi
    B - 616.76/mi - 21.47/mi Fewer than stock (3.37% faster than speedometer)
    C - 610.05/mi - 28.18/mi Fewer than stock (4.29% faster than speedometer)

    Thoughts? Sorry if this seems too green of a question, I just don't trust the tire guys to say "it'll be fine" if it won't. I'd rather not have to cut and trim just to fit a half an inch tire in because I thought it'd fit.

    Thanks guys

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    I had a late delivery today, so I had some time to hang around my local tire shop. When I'm ready to pick a set, they said they'd do a test fit on both sizes if I wanted and order whatever tire I wanted. I picked the owner's brain some on this question. His opinion was the tall & skinny 255's would do OK but would wear down like garbage as they only come in a mud tire for either BFG or Cooper. He said he put the same 2" level kit on his 'Burb NBS and ran 285/70 R17 from Michelin (LTX M/S) @ (
    with a 70,000 mile warranty that puts this tire at the cheapest per mile (using warranty miles) with the exception of the Yokohama Geolander, which I wore through my last set of these in 30k and the shop owner said would get far less than their warranty of 50. They're just barely cheaper per mile until you factor their lack of mileage.
    Anyone see this any differently

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    Sounds like Michelin is doing a $70 mail-in rebate (for 4 new tires) 4-21 to 5-10; but only for some dealers in the area... I might make some calls today and just have them done and over with...

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    Ok, I checked around on the mail-in rebate... I'm actually going to go with my standard tire guy, he was the 2nd cheapest before rebate by a total of $4 out the door, but offered to just take $70 off the total instead of doing the promotion, and this way I still get lifetime balance and rotate and flat repair. I'm out the door for $1193.16 with the TPMS rebuild. Officially buying Michelin LTX M/S 2, P-Metric size is LT 285/70R17 D1 121R W. We're going to do a test-fit this afternoon when the tires come up from Denver to make sure I don't have rubbing before I let a full install go.

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    So far, just highway driving on these, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to see a small fuel efficiency increase. Filled up today. They ride much quieter than my Hankooks, but that's to be expected going from an AT to a 90% highway tire. Too bad I missed the snow season so I can't tell you if that part of my theory worked, but we do have some rain coming in the next few days...
    Old Tire Front:
    New Tire Front:
    Old Tire Rear:
    New Tire Rear:
    New Tires Front:
    New Tires Rear:
    I have had no rubbing in either direction, and I believe people that do get rub on this size probably don't have stock rims, and/or have serious knobbys on the sidewalls

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    Also, for anyone that's interested, the tire added exactly 1" of ride height on the front according to my Stanley tape measure.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Two More Photos, better showing the width of the tire
    Old Tire:
    Rear - Old Tires.jpg
    New Tire:
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    Unless your going thru some really deep snow those should work well. I myself have gone back to more of the off road/mud tires. I really do not offroad much but I do drive thru allot of deep snow during the winter... getting back in on those seasonal road with snow up to the rocker panels. All season tires with what I am doing just tend to float on top and lose forward motion.
  3. BurbanMan

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    I like the way michelins ride, but hate the fact that they rot and look 20yrs old within 1-2yrs.
  4. squatchy

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    Thats a lot of coin to drop on a highway tire that you are going to use on mud and in snow. I wouldn't have gone that route, but hopefully they don't end up being to bad
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    @squatchy, you're right, it's expensive for just about any tire set you put on a truck. Being as I probably go 70% to 80% on road, drive around a field taking pictures for 5 days a week, then cruse up a logging road or similar for fishing / hunting, I thought the highway tire wouldn't get too much of a beating. It really boiled down to paying the same price for ATs with a 50k mile warranty or for these with a 70k, even if I chew the tread off early, I get a discount on my next set. The Hankook Dynapro AT/M I had on there before was the first set I've ever owned where I didn't get said warranty, but they almost doubled in price since I bought them last
    @BurbanMan, I am interested to see if the dry rot happens too, as I've heard mixed reviews about weather these tires do or don't rot and look bad. I'll try and update the thread periodically for scientific curiosity and we'll see if the tires do wear bad.
    The beautiful thing about tires is, if you get a bad set, they eventually wear out and you just get something different. I am noticing about a .5 MPG increase with these tires, which shocks me somewhat, they must have a lower rolling resistance than the ATs. I'm on my first tank still, so you never know where I'll end up. The numbers will skew on Friday as I make three or four trips with a trailer hitched back there as we move into our new house.
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    Yup, between the towing, then the wind storm I ate some serious gas. But I finally have my house, so it's all good. I have a garage to work in!
    So far I'm liking the tires. There was a pretty hefty rain / snow storm over the weekend. No snow stuck but it did ice up in spots and there were some nice puddles to splash in. I think the Michelins did better in the water than my ATs by Hankook. It could be that I have full tread now, and I'm remembering to 4/32" on the AT. We'll still have to see what they look like after a few years and what they do in snow, but they're everything I expected so far.

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