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    Glad that your happy with the product. Make sure you checkout our dealer locator on our website when it comes time to.

    I would love to see a pic of that, post one up when you get a chance.

    Glad to know you love the covers, those things are a lifesaver for the bed.

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Weathertech!!!! Tell you what, break those German Made visors post a pic and I will send you a set of EGR so you can get some High Quality Made in the USA EGR Window Visors for your truck! PM me your details.
  2. carmantx

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    Went to your site, looking for items for my 2000 K2500. Shows you have 1 hood item only. Do you not make fender flares for this truck?
  3. AMac

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    Hey EGR, great idea to join GMTC, welcome!
    My in-channel window visors arrived today and I'm anxious to get 'em on my truck! These will replace a set that were on the truck I recently purchased.
    However, I find it odd to welcome you when I get an EGR box that has a picture for a Ford Super Duty on it...:lol: Although I could be imagining things.
    No hard feelings though, this is my first purchase of an EGR product so I'm still looking forward to install. I heard great things...keep up the good work!
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  4. silverhobey

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    welcome the others, I will be interested in EGR posts/products in 2012...
    Brian from Ontario, Canada:party::party::party:
  5. Coach24

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    Good questions

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    Yes, there seems to be a gap in our electronic catalog data for the 1999-2000 K2500 and K3500 series trucks. We do make a Fender Flare for these vehicles, it is the Rugged LOOK Fender Flare and the part number is 751024 for the set of 4. We will address this shortly so that this is updated in our electronic data and our site updated accordingly. Thanks you for letting us know.


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  7. Coach24

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    Good to see Vendors interacting with the members and showing some classy customer service.:great:
  8. carmantx

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    Thanks Darrin. I will try to find some pictures.
    do you have any bolt on look?

  9. tyler87

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    Welcome to the Club!!

    I agree I bought a set and they are garbage, driver side doesn't stay "clicked" in haha
  10. AMac

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    I'm loving my new EGR in-channel smoked window visors! Good value, glad I didn't go with the other brand(s) who wanted to charge me nearly double.[​IMG]

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